Yorgh's Ring

yorgh's ring

In-Game Description

Ring of Sir Yorgh, who sought the blood
of a dragon and invaded Shulva.
Can deflect spells.

When Sir Yorgh faced Sinh, the slumbering
dragon, he drew blood with a flash of his steel,
but Sinh responded by spewing forth the
poison that had long brewed within him,
blanketing the city in a miasmic cloud.


Found on a corpse in Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon's boss room.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Yorgh's Ring Chance of deflecting spells 10 0.5


  • The deflection chance is 50%.
  • It has the lowest durability of any ring in the game.
  • Can be used to deflect spells with anything that is capable of parrying.
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