Xbox Gamer Tag

I List Xbox Gamer Tag within the table:

XBox GamerTag Description of Friend Request Area/Time Zone
Yuri Hyuga89 Up for helping/coop/pvp. Currently in NG+ with highest at ~ 5kk Souls, SL 150. Lower alts available at different lvls and styles EST (UTC +02:00)
gankersRstupid I'm famous.Many players just love me! :) EST (UTC +02:00)
Ieatpain2 I love to co-op with anyone to help others out. I'm level 229 with Soul Memory 6 mill. I am nearing the end game for NG+ so I'll be around that area EST (UTC -05:00)
RPZ Wolf I'm just looking for someone to play with as well as talk to in private chat. About to end NG with 3 mil souls EST (UTC +02:00)
Dr Harlequin Someone looking for a good time…on Dark Souls 2! NG+ Soul Memory: 10 Million! (9/3/2014) EST (UTC-06:00)
DEATH GOD568 hey guys super pro at the game and I'm willing to help any and all who are in need EST (UTC-06:00)
GrellSutcliff17 Hey! Currently SL 234, and willing to help anyone. I'm good at (Jolly) Co-Operation! and I'm always there to help….Unless I need help of course! Soul memory is about 100K Newfoundland Time (UTC-3:30)
lazyshroomhead down for anything, especially co-op. EST (UTC-05:00)
DrSquirrelphd Xbox One version, hit me up I may be able to help.= PST (UTC-08:00)
ShiftedMomentum Main character SL 287 NG++++ SM 25.5M, always up for co-op, alts on NG and NG+. Regular player. GMT +10
WolfFang97 Setting up a SL 150 character for straight pvp, and wanting a challenge. Message me with a god for name engraved ring, and a location. EST (UTC -6:000
UnstableKing00 Able to to PvP, and Co-op.
CJ7067 Love to Co-op
Knight Wolfe Loves Jolly Coop! Does PVP for fun. Xbox 360 version. (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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