Wood Bolt

In-Game Description

Standard crossbow bolts made of wood.
Low damage, but their inexpensiveness
makes them suitable for heavy usage.

To use, equip a crossbow, then equip
bolts to a belt slot.


Cheap bolts that deal low damage.
Equip to a bolt slot in the Equipment Menu to fire with a Crossbow.


Where to Buy

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Blacksmith Lenigrast 25 souls
Steady Hand McDuff 25 souls

Chest and Corpse Locations

  • 20 can be found when entering the fort part of the Forest of Fallen Giants after the Heide Knight, in the room with two Hollow Infantry the bolts are behind a breakable bookshelf (replaced by 30 Heavy Bolts on Bonfire Intensity 2+).

General Information

Icon Name Damage Damage Type Auxiliary Effects
XtMOY1H.png Wood Bolt 70 Thrust None
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