White Sign Soapstone
White Sign Soapstone

In-Game Description

Online play item.
Leave summon sign.

Be summoned as a phantom to another world
in order to help that world's master for
a certain time. You will be rewarded with
a Token of Fidelity for successfully
assisting the other player.

The flow of time is distorted in these lands,
and the White Sign Soapstone allows
Undead to assist one another.


Place a summon sign where you stand, allowing human players to use it to summon you into their world as a phantom for co-op.

  • After being summoned, fulfilling your duty to the host will earn you a reward. You may fulfill your duty in one of the following ways:
    • You assist the host in defeating an area boss.
    • You remain in the host's world long enough to "time out" and be sent back to your world without killing an area boss. Summon time varies based on how many and what types of enemies are defeated in the host's world.
  • Fulfilling your duty will restore your humanity, refill your Estus Flask, restore lost durability and spell casts, and grant you one of the following rewards:


Forest of Fallen Giants
Speak to Mild Mannered Pate twice after you trigger the gate trap in front of him. If you die or use Homeward or a Homeward Bone without escaping the area beyond the gate, Pate will still give you the soapstone when you return to him.

If you kill Pate before getting the soapstone, you can still get it by going to his gravestone and paying 2,000 souls to talk to him. Making the gravestone appear seems to be somewhat finicky and unreliable, but resting a few times at a bonfire or dying usually works. The gravestone should be right where Pate sits when alive.


  • If you are a member of the Heirs of the Sun covenant, you will appear as a Gold Phantom, otherwise you will appear as a White Phantom.
  • Your character model will darken as you get closer to the end of your available summon time.
  • Matchmaking is determined by Soul Memory and the item used. See Online Matchmaking for more details.
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