White Ring
white ring

In-Game Description

A precious ring which grants the protection
of Quella, god of dreams.
Makes its wearer appear as a phantom,
misleading invaders.

He who sets the trap must be wary.
For traps are known to spring upon their owners.


Possible reward for trading a Small Smooth & Silky Stone, Smooth & Silky Stone, or Petrified Something with Dyna and Tillo.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
White Ring Changes your character's appearance to that of a White Phantom 130 1.0


  • While being invaded one can put on the ring and appear as a White Phantom to the invader (this is more effective when you have summoned other White Phantoms). Invaders tend to try to get past phantoms so they may dispatch the host. Multiple phantoms and no world owner around confuses the invader, which can be taken advantage of.
  • Invaders can also use this ring to appear as a White Phantom to the invaded players.
  • Laying down a Red Sign Soapstone while wearing the ring will not make your summon sign appear white (does not work in Scholar of the First Sin, your sign will still appear as red and still summon you to a random location in the area and not at the exact position of your sign).
  • If you have the ring equipped and equip it again in a different ring slot, you will appear to be a Blue Phantom for a second.
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