Weaponsmith Ornifex
Weaponsmith Ornifex


A harpy, similar to the ones found in the Painted World of Ariamis in Dark Souls.
She is a blacksmith capable of imbuing souls to equipment, creating unique items based on the soul's original owner, a skill which she claims was inherited from a strange pale beast that inhabited the land long ago.


Shaded Woods
From the Shaded Ruins bonfire, she is found locked in an underground cave, below the false floor. Requires the Fang Key from the petrified lion statue near the bonfire to free her. You must exhaust all of her dialogue to get her to move.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Will move here once freed. In the room with many statues. Next to the Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 3,670 2,100
2 ? ?
8 ? ?


  • Sells various items.
  • Performs boss soul trades.
  • Repairs and reinforces equipment.
  • Will perform the first boss soul trade for free.


Weapons Quantity Soul Cost
Murakumo Unlimited 5,800
Partizan Unlimited 3,000
Twinblade Unlimited 5,000
Composite Bow Unlimited 5,500
Heavy Crossbow Unlimited 4,000
Ammunition Quantity Soul Cost
Fire Arrow Unlimited 60
Fire Bolt Unlimited 80
Consumables Quantity Soul Cost
Amber Herb 10 1,600
Green Blossom 10 1,300
Flame Butterfly Unlimited 600
Scrolls Quantity Soul Cost
Homing Soul Arrow 1 6,500
Homing Soulmass 1 6,000
Fall Control 1 4,800

Boss Soul Trades

Weapons Boss Soul Soul Cost
Aged Smelter Sword Smelter Demon Soul 1,500
Bewitched Alonne Sword Soul of Sir Alonne 18,000
Bow of Want Soul of Nashandra 10,000
Butcher's Knife Soul of the Rotten 5,000
Chaos Blade Old Witch Soul 10,000
Chime of Screams Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash 20,000
Chime of Want Soul of Nashandra 10,000
Crypt Blacksword Old Dead One Soul 10,000
Curved Dragon Greatsword Ancient Dragon Soul 1,500
Defender Greatsword Throne Defender Soul 3,000
Defender's Shield Throne Defender Soul 3,000
Dragonslayer Greatbow Old King Soul 10,000
Dragonslayer Spear Old Dragonslayer Soul 1,500
Drakewing Ultra Greatsword Guardian Dragon Soul 1,500
Eleum Loyce Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle 12,000
Fume Sword Soul of the Fume Knight 8,000
Fume Ultra Greatsword Soul of the Fume Knight 25,000
Iron King Hammer Old Iron King Soul 5,000
Ivory King Ultra Greatsword Soul of the Ivory King 5,000
Ivory Straight Sword Soul of Aava, the King's Pet 8,000
King's Mirror Looking Glass Knight Soul 3,000
King's Shield Soul of the King 10,000
King's Ultra Greatsword Soul of the King 10,000
Loyce Greatsword Soul of Lud, the King's Pet 3,000
Loyce Shield Soul of Zallen, the King's Pet 1,200
Lost Sinner's Sword Soul of the Lost Sinner 5,000
Moonlight Greatsword Old Paledrake Soul 10,000
Ruler's Sword Soul of the King 10,000
Sacred Chime Hammer Soul of Velstadt 1,500
Scythe of Want Soul of Nashandra 10,000
Spider Fang Soul of the Duke's Dear Freja 1,500
Spider's Silk Soul of the Duke's Dear Freja 1,500
Spitfire Spear Guardian Dragon Soul 1,500
Thorned GreatSword Looking Glass Knight Soul 3,000
Watcher Greatsword Throne Watcher Soul 3,000
Watcher's Shield Throne Watcher Soul 3,000
Wrathful Axe Soul of Elana, Squalid Queen 24,000
Yorgh's Spear Soul of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon 14,000


  • None




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