This page is about Enemy's Weakness/Defense towards the three Physical Attack-Type: Slash, Strike and Thrust.

Just like Resistance, there are currently 5 discovered Tiers of Physical Damage Stages for non-Boss enemies. The Factor by which the Damage is determined is called Weakness-Factor and is applied after the initial Offense-Defense calculation. Most Enemies have Average-Tier, but some, like "Thick scaled'', ''Heavy Armored'' receive increased/decreased damage against the three Types.

Tier table

Tier Weakness-Factor
Strong 70%
Keen 85%
Average 100%
Weak 135%
Vulnerable 150%

Normal Enemy List

Mini-Boss who use BOSS-Tier are not included
Enemy Slash Strike Thrust Melee-Def Ranged Def Notes
ALL Roaming Souls Avr Avr Avr +50% No matter what they wear
ALL Blue Phantoms Avr Avr Avr +25% No matter what they wear
Undead Traveler Avr Avr Avr -
Kobold Avr Avr Avr - Not using Area Def
Ogre Str Str Weak +25%
Falconer Avr Avr Avr +25%
Enslaved Pig Keen Keen Keen -
Skeleton Avr Vul Str - / 25% 25% only in Harvest Valley
Has extra Thrust-Critical-Damage-Defense
Crystal Lizard Avr Vul Avr +50%
Hollow Infantry Avr Avr Avr -
Hollow Soldier Avr Avr Avr +25%
Old Ironclad Soldier Str Vul Str +25%
Heide Knight Avr Avr Avr +50%
Flame Salamander Avr Avr Avr +90% need tested for other damage-range
Old Knight Avr Vul Str +25%
Varangian Sailor Avr Avr Weak +25%
Dark Stalker Avr Avr Avr +25%
Stray Dog Avr Avr Avr -
Suspicious Shadow Avr Avr Avr -
Undead Jailer Avr Avr Avr +30%
Royal Swordsman Avr Avr Vul +25%
Undead Citizen Weak Avr Weak -
Enhanced Undead Avr Avr Keen +25%
Bell Keeper Avr Avr Avr +25%
Rogue Avr Avr Avr -
Captive Undead Avr Avr Avr -
Undead Laborer Weak Avr Weak 25%
Great Moth Avr Avr Weak -30 -30point to Area-Defence,
thus having the lowest Def in game (52)
Necromancer Avr Avr Avr -
Armored Skeleton Avr Vul Str +25%
Bonewheel Skeleton Avr Vul Str +25%
Torturer Avr Avr Avr - Uses Purgatory Def
Artificial Undead Avr Avr Avr +25%
Mounted Overseer Avr Avr Avr +25%
Undead Steelworker Avr Avr Avr +25%
Poison Horn Beetle Weak Avr Vul -
Manikin Avr Avr Avr -
Grave Warden Avr Avr Avr +25%
Desert Sorceress Avr Avr Avr -
Mimic Avr Avr Avr +25% Regardless of Material
Alonne Knight Avr Weak Avr +25%
Alonne Knight Captain Avr Weak Str +30% / +25% 25% in Drangleic Castle
Ironclad Soldier Str Vul Str +25%
Goblin Avr Avr Avr +25%
Basilisk Avr Avr Avr +25%
Giant Basilisk Avr Avr Avr +25%
Lion Clan Warrior Avr Avr Avr +25%
Forest Guardian Avr Avr Avr +25% @%)*&@(*&^$!@%…
Primal Knight Str Avr Weak +50%
Gyrm Warrior Avr Avr Avr +25%
Gyrm Avr Avr Avr +25%
Dog Rat Avr Avr Avr -
Undead Peasant Avr Avr Avr -
Undead Boar Keen Keen Keen -
Giant Undead Boar Avr Avr Avr - The tusk reduces incoming damage
Parasite Spider Avr Avr Avr -
Parasitized Undead Avr Avr Avr -
Hollow Mage Avr Avr Avr -
Duke Tseldora Avr Avr Avr -
Vengarl's Body Avr Avr Avr +50%
Corpse Rat Avr Avr Avr -
Hunting Dog Avr Avr Avr -
Corrosive Ant Queen Weak Avr Vul +25%
Coal Tar Avr Avr Avr +25%
Razorback Nightcrawler Weak Avr Vul -
Elite Giant Avr Avr Avr +50% Uses Giant Memory-Def
Royal Guard Str Weak Avr 50%
Stone Soldier Avr Vul Str +50%
Stone Knight Avr Vul Str +25%
Lindelt Cleric Avr Avr Weak +25%
Amana Shrine Maiden Weak Avr Weak -
Lizardman Avr Avr Weak -
Acid Horn Beetle Weak Avr Vul -
Giant Acid Horn Beetle Weak Avr Vul -
Undead Supplicant Avr Avr Avr -
Prowling Magus Avr Avr Avr -
Leydia Witch Avr Avr Avr -
Leydia Pyromancer Avr Avr Avr - Ghost form, 50% reduction to final damage
Wall Warrior Avr Avr Avr +50% Ghost form, 50% reduction to final damage
Imperious Knight Avr Weak Avr +50%
Dragon Acolyte Avr Avr Avr -
Drakekeeper Avr Vul Str +55%
Dark Priestess Weak Avr Weak -
Dragon Knight Avr Avr Avr +25% The ONLY enemy using Dragon Shrine-Def
Royal Infantry Avr Avr Avr -
Royal Soldier Avr Avr Weak +25%
Giant Avr Avr Avr +50%
Forest Spirit Avr Avr Avr +25% Ghost form, 50% reduction to final damage

Boss list

Boss Slash Strike Thrust Melee Ranged Notes

// to be added…//

DLC list

Enemy Slash Strike Thrust Melee Ranged Notes

// to be added…//


Normal Enemy

The Offense-Defense calculation works as following:
Offense = Total PHYSICAL Number shown in equip window * Movement Modifier
Defense = Area-Defense (Game's increasing difficulty by area, see Area-Defense) * Enemy Melee/Ranged Defense Factor (see Normal Enemy List)

Final Damage = (Offense-Defense)*Weakness-Factor1


May be off by 1-point due to rounding error in reversing formula
Area Defense Total Def Notes
BASIC 63.4 ~63.4
Majula +39 ~102.4
Things Betwixt +0 ~63.4
Forest of Fallen Giants +0 ~63.4
Heide's Tower of Flame +5 ~ 68.4
No-man's Wharf +19 ~ 82.4
The Lost Bastille +24 ~ 87.4
Sinner's Rise +29 ~92.4 Only Undead Citizen uses this Def, others in the area use Bastille-Def
Belfry Luna +24 ~87.4
Huntsman's Copse +19 ~82.4
Undead Purgatory +28 ~91.4 The Torturers on the way to Purgatory also uses this
Harvest Valley +23 ~86.4
Earthen Peak +24 ~87.4
Iron Keep +29 ~92.4
Belfry Sol +29 ~92.4
Shaded Woods +33 ~96.4
Doors of Pharros +34 ~97.4
Brightstone Cove Tseldora +38 ~101.4
Grave of Saints +24 ~87.4
The Gutter +29 ~92.4 Poison Horn Beetles near the Queen uses Black Gulch-Def
Black Gulch +38 ~101.4 The Elite Giants Use Giant Memory-Def
Drangleic Castle +49 ~112.4 All Royal Swordsman Use Shaded Woods-Def
Shrine of Amana +53 ~116.4
Undead Crypt +54 ~117.4
Aldia's Keep +54 ~117.4
Dragon Aerie +55 ~118.4
Dragon Shrine +58 ~121.4 Only Dragon Knights, others use Dragon Aerie-Def
All Giant Memories +60 ~123.4
Dark Chasm of Old +65 ~128.4
Shulva, Sanctum City + 60 ~123.4
Dragon's Sanctum +66 ~129.4
Cave of the Dead +70 ~133.4
Upper Brume Tower +60 ~123.4
Lower Brume Tower +66 ~129.4
Iron Passage +70 ~133.4
Memory of the Old Iron King +70 ~133.4


  • All data were tested on 1.10 PS3 Version, DLC3 May change some of the Data.

Method of Obtaining Data

  • Generally, all data are obtained:
    • In game.
    • At Bonfire Intensity 8+.
    • On Singleplayer mode / with no summons.
    • While not in Hard Mode.


  • DLC enemy
  • Boss-Tier Users
  • Player Defense-Formula
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