Way of Blue
Way of Blue

Covenant Description

One of the first covenants you will have access to. Also known as the Covenant of the Meek.

When invaded by a Dark Spirit (Red Phantom), a member of the Blue Sentinels covenant may be summoned to come to your aid. Their only purpose is to help you defeat hostile invaders, they cannot assist with defeating regular area enemies.

How to Join

Speak to Saulden, the Crestfallen Warrior, at the monument in Majula. Go through his dialogue until he offers the option to join.

Covenant Rewards

To increase your rank in the Way of Blue, defeat invading Dark Spirits.

Rank Rank Requirement Reward
0 Join covenant. Blue Seal
1 1 invading Dark Spirit killed. Bloodbite Ring
2 5 invading Dark Spirits killed. Hush sorcery
3 10 invading Dark Spirits killed. Blue Tearstone Ring

Connection Requirements

In order for a member of the Way of Blue covenant member to have a Blue Sentinel summoned into their world, there are varying requirements for both parties:

For Way of Blue:

  • You do not need to be human.
  • You do not need to have the Blue Seal ring equipped.
  • You cannot already have two co-op phantoms present.

For Blue Sentinel:

  • You must be human.
  • You must have the Guardian's Seal ring equipped.
  • You must be in an area where your covenant symbol is flashing white. You will not necessarily be summoned to the area that you are in.



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