In-Game Description

An attribute that determines your maximum equipment load.


The primary effect of Vitality is to increase your Equipment Load. A high value for Equipment Load will allow you to move quickly while using heavy weapons and armors.

The HP granted by Vigor will provide more survivability than Vitality when you are using non-upgraded armors, but Vitality becomes a lot more valuable when you have access to fully upgraded heavy armors. In addition to increasing your ability to survive hits, heavy armor also provides Poise.

Equip Load Increase per Point of Vitality

Vitality Equipment Load added per point
1-29 1.5
30-49 1.0
50-69 0.5
70-98 0.5 (per two points)
99+ 0.5

Equipment which affects Vitality

Item Increase Other Effects
Crown of the Sunken King -1 VIG -1, DEX +1
INT +1, FTH +1
STR +1, END +1
Velstadt's Helm +1 END +1
Vengarl's Helm +2 -
Handmaid's Ladle +1 END +1, DEX -1
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