In-Game Description

An attribute that determines HP.


HP Increase per point of Vigor

Vigor HP added per point
<=20 30
>20, <=50 20
>50 5

Equipment which affects Vigor

Item Increase Other Effects
Crown of the Sunken King -1 END +1, DEX +1
INT +1, FTH +1
STR +1, VIT -1
Flower Skirt +2 END +1
Vessel Shield 1 END +1, ADP +1
INT +1, FTH +1
STR +4, DEX +4


  • Early in the game, increasing your Vigor provides much more survivability than increasing Vitality to wear heavy armor. However at high armor upgrade levels, and high HP levels, Vitality can surpass Vigor.
  • The HP increase after 50 Vigor is only slightly higher than the extra points you get from increasing any other attribute.
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