Varangian Sailor

aka Hollow Varangian

Hollow Varangian


The Varangians were a fierce band of pirates who prowled the seas of Drangleic's northern coastline.
They were conquered by a former king who chose to force them into hard labor at No Man's Wharf rather than imprison them.
They continue to labor at No Man's Wharf, and still fight with deadly proficiency. Of particular note is their long-range Sea Bow;
it was once used against monsters at sea, but it will now be put to use against you…


No-man's Wharf
Sword & Small Shield, Bow
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 340 200
2 690 400
8 1,100 800
Dual Swords
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 260 200
2 525 400
8 1,000 800


  • Average against Slash and Strike-Type Attacks
  • Weak against Thrust-Type Attacks


  • No Fire, Magic, Lightning or Dark Resistance
  • The only Mob that has NONE-Tier


Scholar of the First Sin Drops


  • Some Varangians will throw oil jars. If you get stained, the next time you take fire damage or have a torch or a pyromancy flame in your hand sets you off in a huge explosion, sending you sprawling, hurt and burning for several seconds after for (often fatal) extra damage. Wading in water washes it off.
  • Attack in frenzied combos that don't leave room for recovery if you get caught in it, but easily staggered by a block.
  • Relatively little health. They go down very quickly for their size.


  • In history, "Varangian" referred to Vikings, as known to the Ancient Greeks. Wikipedia Page
  • Most of their attacks seem parriable, including their kicks. They can be riposted as well.
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