Upgrade Material Farming

This page contains information on where to get all upgrade materials.

Dragon Aerie farming

Credit to reddit user NotTheBatman

Route collection:

The route:

  • Use a Bonfire Ascetic.
  • Run through and kill all the dragons and take the rope back to the ladder you kick down to the bonfire.
  • Make sure to drop down the ledge with the Twinkling Titanite, then feather back to the bonfire.
  • Run back through and kill all the Crystal Lizards.
  • Make sure you grab the two Petrified Dragon Bone before the second Guardian Dragon (before walking through the archway to where he is you take a right and they are behind some eggs).
  • Make sure to drop off the rope that you can take from above the bonfire to the bridge leading to the Dragon Shrine, onto the platform with the Soul of a Great Hero.

One can clear the entire area in about 10 minutes and start again.

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