Undead Steelworker

aka Hammersmith

undead steelworker


These brutish characters may have once worked for the Iron King in the construction of the many weapons and armors that he required, but now they are as Hollowed as the Laborers who slave away in the mines. There is a difference, however: Strength. The Steelworkers have huge hammers whereas the common laborers merely flail about with their arms.1


Harvest Valley
There is only one of these in Harvest Valley and he is directly outside of Earthen Peak guarding one of the entrances and the path to the Heirs of the Sun covenant statue.

Earthen Peak
There are few of them before Covetous Demon boss fight and one after.

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 560 400
2 1,065 800
8 2,032 1,600


  • Very High Magic Resistance
  • Medium Fire, Lightning and Dark Resistance



These are quite easy to take out as long as you don't get ambushed by a group, and even then with the speed of their attacks they shouldn't be too tough to handle.

They will sometimes poison themselves by breaking the poison vessels in the area just before Earthen Peak.

Beware of the shockwave their groundhitting attacks create. If you get a feeling for the timing, try to roll through the shockwave to attack

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