Undead Lockaway Key
Undead Lockaway Key

In-Game Description

Key to the prison in the Huntsman's Copse.

The Undead hunts during the reign of
the Iron King took place in this forest,
and the cells in which the Undead were
held still stand there to this day.
However, the march of time has eroded
any difference between the captors
and the captives.


Opens a prison hut in Huntsman's Copse. Creighton the Wanderer is found inside, aswell as a bonfire.


Dark Souls II

Found in Huntsman's Copse, from the Undead Lockaway bonfire, in a round building located on the ledge that leads towards the waterfall. The key is on a corpse inside. It's guarded by Rogues.

Scholar of the First Sin

Found in Huntsman's Copse, from the Undead Lockaway bonfire. On the high ground in the middle of the area, the key is guarded by Merciless Roenna.

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