Undead Crypt

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Velstadt the Royal Aegis
King Vendrick
Grave Warden Agdayne King's Ring
Bracing Knuckle Ring +2
Mace of the Insolent
Olenford's Staff
Great Lightning Spear
Dried Fingers
Crushed Eye Orb
Soul Vessel
2x Simpleton's Spice
Undead Laborer
Leydia Witch
Leydia Pyromancer
Grave Warden
Royal Guard
Wall Warrior
Imperious Knight
Invader Nameless Usurper
Scholar of the First Sin:
Insolent Knight
Prisoner's Set
Leydia Black Set
Black Witch's Staff
Dark Quartz Ring +2
Simpleton's Spice
Skeptic's Spice
Leydia White Set
Blue Flame
Magic Shield
Grave Warden Set
Silverblack Sickle
Silverblack Shield
Syan's Set
Syan's Halberd
Imperious Set
Reeve's Greatshield
Orma's Greatshield


A crypt crawling with undead. Contains the frail body of King Vendrick.



  • Undead Crypt Entrance
    In the room filled with old headstones, from the entrance it is to the immediate left.
  • Undead Ditch
    After going past the fog wall, the bonfire is to your left.



Map (Japanese)

Item Guide

Undead Crypt Video Walkthrough with Boss


Bonfire Intensity 2+ Changes


  • Leydia Pyromancers indefinitely spawn from their gravestones if you stay near them. Destroying the gravestones permanently stops them from spawning.
  • Hollow enemies can ring bells around the level, which spawns all Pyromancers in the area.
  • Pull the lever just before the long hallway to the boss to open a shortcut to the Undead Ditch bonfire.
  • Location of an excellent soul farming spot. Once in the final hallway, avoid killing the Hollow under the stairs and simply kill the respawning Leydia Pyromancers. You can also kill him and ring the bell yourself. This way you can control when the Pyromancers respawn.
  • Near the shortcut bridge you can see a platform under you. Here you can light a sconce, which in turn lights the large sconces on the statues in the room. In SotFS, this spawns several red NPC phantoms throughout the crypt. These Insolent Knights do not respawn without use of a bonfire ascetic, and have a chance of dropping the Insolent Set and Shield of the Insolent, which are otherwise unobtainable in SotFS.
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