Undead Crypt

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot
Velstadt the Royal Aegis
King Vendrick
Grave Warden Agdayne King's Ring
Soul Vessel


A crypt crawling with undead. Contains the frail body of King Vendrick.

General Information

  • Pull the lever just before the throne room passage to open a shortcut to the Undead Ditch bonfire.







  1. There's an Old Radiant Lifegem In the opposite side of Undead Crypt Entrance Bonfire.
  2. A body with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier right before Grave Warden Agdayne.
  3. There's a Dragon Charm and Petrified Dragon Bone after the first fog wall.
  4. In the room you fight Nameless Usurper there's a Divine Blessing and a Soul of a Hero.
  5. Also in that same room is an illusionary wall, on the right wall from when you enter the room, or opposite the exit. The chest has the Avelyn and some Heavy Bolts.
  6. A second illusionary wall hides a Pharros contraption. It's in the room with the bell ringing hollows. The wall is on the left side of the room. Inserting the lockstone triggers a breakable wall on the opposite side of the room. Inside is a chest with Olenford's Staff and Great Lightning Spear.


Undead Crypt Video Walk-through w/ Boss
Item Guide


  • Location of an excellent soul farming spot. Once in the throne room passageway, avoid killing the Hollow under the stairs and simply kill the respawning Leydia Pyromancers. (or kill him and ring the bell yourself. This way you can control when the pyromancers respawn)
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