Undead Boar

aka Undead Devourer (Large)

Large Undead Devourer


An undead boar which equally likes flesh and mushrooms.


Brightstone Cove Tseldora
At the Royal Army Campsite.
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 640 350
2 1,030 700
8 1,950 1,400


  • Keen against Slash, Strike and Thrust-Type Attacks


  • Very High Magic, Lightning and Dark Resistance
  • Low Fire Resistance


Getting the Pickaxe

To obtain the Pickaxe, you have to have a boar follow you from the Royal Army Campsite in Brightstone Cove Tseldora all the way to the cathedral just before the cave full of spider webs. In the middle of the cathedral there is a patch of mushrooms that the boar will eat. After eating them it will leave a Pickaxe on the floor.

Watch the below video for a demonstration.

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