aka Executioner


These wicked Torturers don't wield conventional weapons - the tools of their trade are intended to inflict pain upon their Undead victims rather than death. If you underestimate them, you'll find that regardless of their intention, they certainly can kill you.1


Huntsman's Copse
There are five along the path to the Undead Purgatory. There is also one at the very bottom of the mushroom cave located in-between the first two bonfires.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 800 780
2 1,400 1,560
8 2,120 3,120

Red Phantom
There are multiple along the path to the Undead Purgatory. Bonfire Intensity 2+ only.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 N/A N/A
2 1,900 2,340
8 3,865 4,680


  • Medium Fire, Lightning and Dark Resistance
  • Low Magic Resistance



  • Halberd wielding executioners can do one attack followed by a spin follow-up, or a three hit combo that can be used multiple times in fairly quick succession.
  • The Halberd wielding torturers have a grapple attack with their halberds that raise you up and then slam you into the ground.
  • Will do a kick with a fairly long build-up if you have your shield up. If it connects, will drain a lot of stamina and often break your guard.


  • They're very easy to stagger. Just dodge an attack then get aggressive.
  • The three-hit combos leave them very vulnerable for backstabs. Block/dodge the first hit, and start moving around the right. The second hit generally misses, but might get you on occasions, while the third one is almost a 100% miss. At this point in time you're right behind them, if not already doing a backstab.


  • The strange polearms seem to be spiky versions of Titanite Mancatchers.
  • Halberd wielding executioners can be parried and riposted.
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