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  • For enemy info, use the template provided on enemy-example-page as a guideline.
  • Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin changes should be noted with the former as such, and used within the current structuring.
  • Walkthroughs should be split between Dark Souls II and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and hidden with the collapsible tags to reduce clutter.
  • Resistance/Weakness should follow the guidelines set by Niaraeth, but on the enemy pages it should be displayed as percentages rather than through arbitrary terms. (Acid Horn Beetle for reference)
  • Ensure enemy name usaged follows the names referenced in the Names link above.


  • Find Voice Actors for:
  • Implement a Strategy section template
    • Dodging and Blocking (explanation of how to dodge, and how/when blocking is viable)
    • Environment (how the environment can be used to the players advantage, ie. exploding barrels and sconces)
    • Melee (can include Critical Damage subsection if need be)
    • Ranged
    • Status Effect Damage (if things like poison, toxic, can be helpful and ways to achieve it)
    • Stealth and Diversion (if things like Yearn, Alluring Skulls, and Stealth are viable)
    • Co-op (information like if NPC phantoms are available, what the Soul Memory range for online co-op is, and if there are unique strats to co-op)
  • Add the percentage bonus each Letter Grade gives to a weapon's damage. (i.e. Large Club, S(120)/-/-/-/- )
  • Add a variance of the Enemies page to reflect the Scholar of the First Sin edition
  • Add Scholar of the First Sin to the sidebar, or somewhere that is easier to access than typing it in the address bar
  • Test parry frames for applicable weapons and shields.
  • Add Scholar of the First Sin information to the "About" section of the home page
  • The Screenshots link and the Videos links on the home page ( under "More Information and Links" ) both link to the same place, Media (which is very barren)
  • Add a "ways to rank up" section for the Brotherhood of Blood. As it stands, it is not clear if red eye orb invasions rank you up, or if failing an invasion counts against your rank.
  • Add item dropchances on missing Ones and add an average percentage on what the usually used Terms mean (Rare, Common, very Rare etc.)
  • Fix enemies-css - page title is blocked by top of page guide buttons. Can be fixed by adding Width: auto; to #header h2 in the CSS of the page

Fix [[bosses:_template]] + [[enemy-infobox]]

  1. bosses:_template: See bosses whose pages link to namespace "bosses:" per default the-persuer (name still has to be fixed, there's also the-pursuer), the-last-giant: the image is on the left and not displayed correctly. These pages seem to be governed by the "Data Forms" module or function, don't know how to fix that. Apparently those are the only bosses in this category.
  2. enemy-infobox: See ruin-sentinels, old-dragonslayer and acid-horn-beetle, dragonrider for example, pictures are at the bottom of the page and cover the buttons on the page's bottom (edit, history etc buttons). Maybe the enemy-infobox part on the relevant pages could just be moved to the top and that would solve the problem?

Enemy pictures

(URGENT!!!) Replace the enemy photos that are no longer on Imgur
About 98% have been replaced. The only pages to still not have an image are the following:

Weapon & Armor Stat Changes

Here is a list of weapons that have been changed and have not yet been updated to the most recent patch. These changes apply to both versions of the game.
Stats that are missing are marked with a "?".
If your going to upgrade any of the following weapons then can I ask you to please record the stats as you upgrade them. When the page has been updated please
remove it from this list. Alternatively if you find any Weapon, Shield, or Armor pages that have not been updated please add them to the list so they can be updated asap! Thanks!


None identified so far.

None identified so far.

Page Rename Requests

Let a moderator deal with these requests.
The Pursuer's page is spelled "the-persuer" which is not correct

Page Merge Requests

Let a moderator deal with these requests.

Page Delete Requests

Let a moderator deal with these requests.


Very occasionally it may be useful to use a short video to demonstrate something that is difficult to explain. For the most part, the linking of videos is strongly discouraged on this wiki.

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