Titanite Slab
Titanite Slab

In-Game Description

Titanite slab used to reinforce equipment.
Reinforces equipment up to +10.

Titanite was discovered in an ancient layer
of earth, and is said to be a gift of the gods.
One of the original slabs that provided
the world with all forms of titanite.

Titanite slabs were created to smith
the weapons of the gods, or so the legends say.


Used to reinforce most weapons/shields/armor from +9 to +10.


Where to buy:

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Stone Trader Chloanne 13,000 souls One after Undead Crypt

Enemy drops:

Chest and Corpse locations:

Other sources:


  • Titanite Slabs are much more common in Dark Souls 2 than they were in the previous game, so don't be too conservative about using them this time around. They can eventually be farmed infinitely off the Stone Soldiers in Drangleic Castle. You can also farm them with the use of Bonfire Ascetics.
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