Throne Defender and Throne Watcher


The throne of the King is sacred, and requires an appropriate guardian.1
The defender has stood by the throne for ages. Will his wait be worth the while?2

The throne of the King is sacred, and must be observed closely at all times.3
The Watcher waited by the throne for ages. Will all his waiting ever be rewarded?4

A duo boss battle: a slow tank with a greatshield and a fast and nimble warrior.


Throne of Want
To access the Throne of Want, you need the King's Ring.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) Defender: 3,910
Watcher: 2,760
2 (NG+) Defender: 4,692
Watcher: 3,312
8 (NG+7) Defender: 8,915
Watcher: 6,293


NPC Summons

  • Benhart of Jugo: Large white sign. Located to the left of the boss fog. Only available if you've progressed his quest.
  • Head of Vengarl: Large white sign. Located to the right of the boss fog. Only available if you completed his quest.
  • Scholar of the First Sin: Bashful Ray. Small white sign. In the Ruin Sentinels/Stone Soldiers room, near one of the two torch-holding golem statues in the back.
  • Scholar of the First Sin: Pilgrim Bellclaire. Small white sign. Outside of the Dragonriders boss room. Can be brought down to this boss fight if the path is cleared first.
  • Scholar of the First Sin: Bradley of the Old Guard. To the left of the fog gate. Only available if Aldia is ready to show up after Nashandra. Check his page for additional information.

Note: A maximum of 3 summons can be used at once.


  • Throne Defender:
    • Medium Fire, Magic and Dark Resistance
    • Low Lightning Resistance
  • Throne Watcher:
    • High Magic Resistance
    • Medium Fire and Dark Resistance
    • Low Lightning Resistance
  • Both can be poisoned


One will bring the other back from death to full health if you take too long to kill the other, though it takes around 15-20 seconds before they go heal their companion. Make sure to deal enough damage to both before focusing on one of the bosses.

At half health, the Throne Defender will imbue his sword with Lightning and the Throne Watcher will imbue her sword with Magic.

No shield melee strategy

This is really a suicide strategy in a sense. Two handing your strongest weapon and wielding heavy armor, you unleash fury on both bosses. Try to aggravate them into attack, dodge the attacks with rolls and when they've stopped, unleash two hits on either just one or both if they're in close proximity to each other. When your health is low, run away from them and heal.

Aggravating one enemy, then leading the other one away is also a good strategy, but is difficult to accomplish.

Video: Throne Watcher & Throne Defender Boss Fight - Melee No Shield

Shield melee strategy

Using an upgraded greatshield will make this battle fairly easy. You can just walk with your shield up, wait for one of them to hit your shield and as soon as their attack animations are done, you can get one or two hits on them. It's recommend to bring both to low health (20-30%) before killing one of them. If you kill one and take too long to kill the other one, the dead one will be revived by his companion. Therefore bring both to low health, kill one and then kill the other one.

No shield ranged/melee strategy

This strategy works well with a short ranged melee weapon (fists, daggers) and a strong bow and poison arrows, you can get both of their health down to under half with two poison rounds on a primary target. Poison one, then switch focus to the other and poison. Switch focus again and do a second round of poison on the primary target, which may bring that target to it's knees but don't lose focus on the secondary. The secondary will panic and run around trying to heal the primary. Keep its focus on you and not the fallen partner. Switch to melee and take out the secondary.

Pyromancy Quick-kill strategy

Assuming you upgraded your Pyromancy Flame to +10, all you need is Chaos Storm and Iron Flesh attuned. When you enter the fight, stay where you enter and cast Iron Flesh. By time the spell casts, both bosses should be within range. Simply switch and cast Chaos Storm as much as possible, then rapidly chug your Estus Flask to offset their damage. If you are lucky, you should down at least one of them; simply switch to another Pyromancy to quickly finish the other off, or tank and exchange blows until it falls.

If you do not have Chaos Storm, you can substitute it for Fire Tempest.

This strategy is great for level-one runs, especially if you couple it with a Brightbug to further offset their attack damage and boost your own.


  • If fought after defeating the Giant Lord and having obtained the Giant's Kinship, the Nashandra fight will start soon after the Watcher and the Defender have been beaten.
  • It is possible for Throne Watcher to fall off the ledge of the arena, keeping her from being revived. Simply stand in the left corner of the arena, on the fog door side. Block her attacks until her thrust. If dodged correctly, she will go right off the edge.
  • Both Throne Watcher and Throne Defender can be parried and, like all bosses, they cannot be riposted. However, they will become stunned long enough to get a few hits on them or to take some of the pressure off of you when solo-ing them.
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