The Rat King
Rat King


A most noble being. Detests humankind and sees them as nothing but lying vermin.

Long ago, an agreement was reached between humans and rats. Humanity was given dominion over the land above, and anything the light didn't touch was deemed the rats' domain. For a time, there was peace. However, as time went on humans lost sight of what really mattered, and their insatiable greed eventually led to bigger and grander explorations underground, causing many an innocent rat to die in the process. The King is determined to exact revenge on his foes in the overworld for betraying his trust and defiling the rats' sacred ground.

He is the head of the Rat King Covenant.


Grave of Saints
After defeating the Royal Rat Vanguard.

Doors of Pharros
After defeating the Royal Rat Authority.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,560 1,300
2 ? ?
8 ? ?


Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Corrosive Urn 700 Throw to break the equipment of players.
Dung Pie 600 Throw to poison foes.
Common Fruit 1,600 Temporarily boosts Poison resistance.
Red Leech Troches 1,600 Temporarily boosts Bleed resistance.
Triclops Snake Troches 2,000 Temporarily boosts Petrify resistance


  • 1,300 souls (Bonfire Intensity 1)


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