The Pit

Inside the giant pit…
Live the tiny beings that were once man's friends.
To face what is beyond the pit… One must have both strength and courage.
Enough to deny death itself…

Quick Reference

Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
None None Pharros' Lockstone
Ring of the Evil Eye
Great Lightning Spear
Witchtree Branch
Witchtree Bellvine
Soul Vortex
Dragon Talon (SotFS)
Disc Chime


A deep hole between the houses in Majula.





Surviving the fall

The first fall is the furthest, and thus causes the most damage.

At absolute minimum, around 1368 total combined HP and fall damage reduction is required to survive the fall.

Determining an exact minimum needed to survive can be difficult because both equip weight and forward momentum slightly increase fall damage.

If your max HP is low:

  • Unequipping everything except for fall damage reduction items is recommended.
  • Very slowly and carefully stepping off the edge to avoid forward momentum is recommended.
There are a number of equipment options that increase HP or reduce falling damage:
Item Effects
Third Dragon Ring +7.5% max HP
+12.5% max Stamina
+12.5% max equipment load
Second Dragon Ring +5% max HP
+10% max Stamina
+10% max equipment load
First Dragon Ring +3% max HP
+5% max Stamina
+5% max equipment load
Life Ring +5/7.5/12.5/15% max HP
Blue Seal +3% max HP
Silvercat Ring -600 falling damage taken
Flying Feline Boots -450 falling damage taken
Sanctum Knight Leggings -300 falling damage taken
Makes your footsteps silent
Jester's Tights -300 falling damage taken
Lion Warrior Skirt -300 falling damage taken
Red Lion Warrior Cape -300 falling damage taken
Lion Warrior Helm -150 falling damage taken
Lion Warrior Cape -150 falling damage taken
Lion Warrior Cuffs -150 falling damage taken
Fall Control sorcery spell -1599 falling damage taken


Once you've reached Earthen Peak and either paid him 2,000 souls or defeated the area boss, Laddersmith Gilligan will move to Majula and offer to build ladders for The Pit.

  • Pay 3,500 souls for the medium ladder, then climb down and jump across. The doorway below you leads to Grave of Saints.
  • Pay 12,000 souls for the long ladder, then climb down. The platforms below you eventually lead to The Gutter. Up the other ladder next to you is a locked door which requires the Forgotten Key.


Majula Pit Loot Guide

On platforms:

Behind the Forgotten Key door:

Skipping Grave of Saints:


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