The Old Chaos


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Burnt Ivory King Loyce Knight Crown of the Ivory King Charred Loyce Knights Loyce Soul
Charred Loyce Greatsword
Charred Loyce Shield
Charred Loyce Set


A fiery pit, with a web of roots hanging overhead.



  • None



Map (Japanese)

The Old Chaos & Frigid Outskirts Walk-through


  • Phantoms can get the enemy drops, too.
  • After defeating the Burnt Ivory King, you can return and face three Charred Loyce Knights. They will respawn each time the area is loaded. This mean that if you get summoned while fighting here, upon returning three more knights will spawn, regardless of whether you had killed the first three or not; this means you may end up fighting up to six knights at the same time.
  • I left a summon sign by the Cathedral fire, and then jumped down to The Old Chaos. I only managed to kill one knight before I got summoned. Upon returning (host didn't want to kill the boss, so the "duty" was unfulfilled), three more knights spawned, along the remaining two. However, after I killed a couple of them, more kept spawning (as how it happens before killing the boss). I teleported back up, so I don't know whether they keep spawning indefinitely. Can anyone confirm this? NEEDS TESTING. (Zaxaroth Here, I confirm this, they will keep spawning and respawning always. A way to stop it is to bring the 4 silver knights along to the fight and hold on until they use some ice magic to lock the doors. Be careful the guys who like to use magic to kill everything, you will need lots and lots of ambers or another item that refill the magic scrolls .)
  • The Charred Loyce Knights seem to respawn infinitely, on their own individual timers. If you kill one, wait a little while, and then kill the other two, the portal that spawned the first one seems to spawn another one earlier than the other two. Further documentation needed. They do not respawn indefinitely in Scholar of the first sin.
  • Dehcbad25 here. In Scholars of the first sin the Charred Loyce Knights will keep respawning indefinitely, after defeating Burnt Ivory King if revisiting the area. You cannot bring silver knights if you used them in the battle with the Burnt Ivory King, and there will be one in the area before the jump, but he will not jump with you. My guess is that if you do not use the silver knights, to leave them available for later, they might be back at the area but will not jump with you. Maybe someone can test this if they want to fight Burnt Ivory King without sealing the portals
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