The Lost Bastille

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Notable Loot #2 Enemies Enemy Drops
Ruin Sentinels
Belfry Gargoyles
Lucatiel of Mirrah
Steady Hand McDuff
Straid of Olaphis
Pilgrim Bellclaire
Archdrake Robes
Wanderer Set
Bracing Knuckle Ring
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
Antiquated Key
Estus Flask Shard
Bonfire Ascetic
Soul Vessel
Twinkling Titanite
Craftsman's Hammer
Large Club
Parrying Dagger
Archdrake Shield
Golden Wing Shield
Target Shield
Bone Staff
Priest's Chime
Royal Swordsman
Stray Dog
Undead Citizen
Undead Jailer
Heide Knight
Royal Swordsman Set
Royal Greatsword
Heavy Crossbow
Great Machete
Lingering Flame
Heide Knight Set
Heide Spear


Once, people tried to round up the Undead and hide them away from the world.
They thought that imprisoning the Undead would solve the problem.
They created a towering bastille to contain them, but in the end, it did no good.





  • McDuff's Workshop
    Behind a breakable wall openable only by explosives, next to the three dogs and a gate. Alternatively use the Bastille Key to open the door next to the wall.


The Lost Bastille Map (Japanese)

Item Guide Part I

Item Guide Part II

The Lost Bastille Video Walkthrough to Boss

Your first trip here may be by using the nest after defeating the Pursuer boss in the Forest of Fallen Giants. If this is the case, you will land at the Tower Apart bonfire. It is possible to clear the entirety of the Bastille from here without having ever visited No-Man's Wharf. You cannot, however, travel from the Lost Bastille to No-Man's Wharf until you have first defeated the Flexile Sentry.

When you land, go up in the elevator, and then, when it starts to go down, jump on the top and wait until it reaches the bottom again. You can access now a little cave with a corpse where you can obtain a Scimitar and one Repair Powder. Go back to the elevator room through the hole and take the elevator again in order to reach the cells. There will be a bonfire in a cell on the left and two Common Fruit in another cell.

Bonfire: Exile Holding Cells

Once you're ready, run along the path and you will come to another Heide Knight. Like the one in Forest of Fallen Giants, you can choose to fight or leave him be. If you defeat him, you will obtain a Heide Spear, a decent weapon for the spear users. Don't take the ladder down, instead drop down the destroyed wall at the end of the path and go right, towards the water. Here there will be a corpse with Soul of a Proud Knight and Human Effigy. Now drop down to the left into the courtyard.

In the courtyard, you will fight a couple Stray Dogs. Either defeat the second dog standing near the wood tower or lure him towards you with a long-range attack, because getting close to this wood tower will trigger an Undead Jailor to drop down and fight you. It is also possible to attack the jailor from above by choosing where you drop down. On the ground. if you attack the wood tower in the back corner, it will break and a corpse containing Alluring Skull will fall down. Now, defeat the Undead Jailor and look at the wall on the left to find a narrow path that leads to a chest with an Estus Flask Shard and a Large Titanite Shard. Go back and continue, open the door with the lever near it and kill two more Stray Dogs. You will notice a door but you can't open it yet. There is a shortcut lever that opens the path back to the McDuff bonfire, but we won't do more than unlock it and turn around.

Here you have a choice of breaking a wall that leads to a small armoury with a Royal Swordsman and two Undead Citizens, with a door that cuts through another courtyard, or taking a ladder back up to the higher walls. First we will go up the ladder and unlock a bonfire and blacksmith.

On the top you will see a Undead Jailor and a barrel. When the Jailor notices you, he will bump the barrel downstairs. You have to stay close to the wall that has a big crack and dodge in the last moment, this will blast the wall and reveal a bonfire (McDuff's Workshop) and a way to Steady Hand McDuff. If the Jailor did not push the barrel or you killed him before he did, you can push it yourself. Steady Hand McDuff will not serve as a merchant yet. When facing McDuff, the first chest on your right contains two Large Titanite Shards, and the second chest contains five Titanite Shards. The left chest contains 10 Iron Arrows, and the chest in the corner contains 10 Heavy Bolts. You will notice another chest under McDuff, light the sconce in this room and rest at the bonfire and he will move, allowing you to loot the Craftsman's Hammer and a Twinkling Titanite.

Attacking the large rock on the edge of the well will bring up a cage containing several Undead Citizen who will drop the Wanderer Set. Within the two side rooms are home to several Royal Swordsman each. In the room with the crossbow Royal Swordsman, on the ledge directly opposite the door, there is a breakable wall. Destroy the powder kegs to reveal the Archdrake Robes and an Archdrake Shield. Continue past that room to another larger room with another slot for a Pharros Lockstone and several chests containing a Bone Staff, a Parrying Dagger and the Twinblade. Using the Lockstone also allows access to two additional rooms with loot, simply attack the Pharros faces to reveal them.

Bonfire: McDuff's Workshop

Go straight carefully, kill the Undead Jailor and a Stray Dog. You will notice a corpse on the top of the left wall, don't worry about it until later. To the right there will be another dog and a corpse with Gold Pine Resin. Keep going forward, kill the undead Jailor and before entering the tower, go up to the little wall on the left and walk carefully to the ladder. On top will be a corpse with a Large Titanite Shard. Jump down and meet Lucatiel of Mirrah, if you exhausted all the dialogues back in No-man's Wharf. Talk with her until you hear all the dialogues. Now, make sure you have full HP. Get close to the door in this room. You will notice that you can't open it, but, if you attack the door, you will blow up some barrels that are behind it, allowing you to open the door now. You can also shoot the barrels, as they are visible from the balcony outside. Go ahead and kill another Undead Jailor. Go to the right until you find a room with three Stray Dogs on the bottom and a Royal Swordsman. If you have ranged weapons, use the platform where you are as a sniper point, if not, jump down and run to the other ladder, go up, kill the undead and then the dogs. Keep going until you reach a chest with Antiquated Key and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.

Soul Vessel
You will need a Pharros Lockstone to reach that one. From Steady Hand McDuff's Workshop go back to the area with the wooden scaffolding, enter in the building blocked by planks, then go outside again in the area with the well. From there enter the next building and on the elevated surface facing the door you came through take the left, if you reached that room from the ladder outside instead then it is straight ahead. In that next room there is a Pharros' lock on the right, the secret wall will appear on the left once triggered. The Soul Vessel is in the wooden chest behind.

Bonfire: The Tower Apart

If you reached this bonfire after defeating the Pursuer, it is the closest warp point to Lucatiel's tower. For most players this will be a one-way shortcut with some extra items available by walking on the balcony towards the chest mentioned above. Acrobatic players that skipped the Pursuer can still reach the bonfire and the extra items via carefully timed jump over the rubble to the left of the entrance of the building that contains the chest.

Go back to the tower where you met Lucatiel and then head left, through the broken wall, to another platform with a narrow path and a door at the end. This part will be a bit tricky. Open the door and take a look inside. You will see a crossbow Royal Swordsman standing. Try to get his attention from this spot, he will go after you, along with another swordsman. Go back to the platform and fight them.

When you are done, cross the door and three more swordsmen will attack you, coming from the left. Go straight where the swordsman was, and fight them there. If you go downstairs you will find another swordsman and a corpse with Soul of a Proud Knight and Human Effigy near a ladder. Ignore the ladder for now and go back to the door. Go left and kill two more swordsmen. Open the door with the lever and kill another two (be careful if you die, because the door will be opened and you will have to fight FOUR swordsmen at a time instead two). The third cell on the right will contain 2 Radiant Lifegems.

You can find the summon sign of Pilgrim Bellclaire in a nearby cell. Whether you summon her or not, prepare for a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Ruin Sentinels

Cross the fog and you will drop down to a platform, take care of your left and start the fight against the Ruin Sentinels. You will be fighting three of them. However upon landing only one will ever engage you until he either dies or you leave the platform. The Sentinels can jump up to the platform should you stay on it. It is suggested to fall down onto the main floor when the first is dispatched so you have room to avoid their attacks.

See the Ruin Sentinels article for more information.

When the fight is over, there are numerous hidden doors within this area. They are opened by facing them and pressing the Activate button. You'll find a Target Shield in a chest and a Rusted Coin on a corpse behind two of those doors. Inside one of these is a ladder with a chest down a hallway containing the sorcery Hush. In that same hallway is another hidden door that leads back to the boss room area with a corpse holding 3 Homeward Bones. This is the same corpse visible from within the boss fight. The broken double doors indicate the route you came from. Progress through the only natural doorway. At the top of the staircase there is another hidden doorway. Inside is an Undead Citizen beside a breakable chest. The chest contains a Rouge Water (three Crimson Water at Bonfire Intensity 2 or above) which turn to Rubbish should the chest be destroyed. When you are done, keep going until you reach a narrow path with cells on the side. On the last cell there will be a skeleton with a trap that will explode. After this, you will arrive at the next bonfire.

Bonfire: Servants' Quarters

Near the bonfire, there is a ladder leading down. In the room below, there is a Stray Dog, a corpse with a Large Club, a chest containing a Priest's Chime, and a Pharros' Contraption that hides a door. Unlock the contraption to open the door that leads to Belfry Luna. Back in the Servant's Quarters Bonfire room, ascend the stairs to the elevated area, and exit the room through the door. Close this door to reveal treasure on a corpse. To your left there will be an undead Jailor with pyromancy, so be careful. There is a corpse behind the crates and barrels with a Human Effigy. Once you are done go back and take the other way, towards a tower.

The path here splits, with a staircase to the right leading up the tower, and an exit to the left. These paths will rejoin shortly, but to the left exit has useful items and a shortcut back to the courtyard (by dropping off the roof near McDuff's bonfire). Go through the exit, though be mindful of an undead jailor immediately to the left. Go ahead and drop to the roof on your right. Search for a corpse with a Flame Butterfly. Run and jump to the opposite roof. There is a corpse with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. At this point, you can climb the ladder and through a window to rejoin the path the stairs in the tower would have lead you to. Up the ladder head right, into the storage room filled with barrels. There is an Undead Citizen hiding, and a door that leads nowhere and contains nothing. Back down the hall with the window is a shortcut gate controlled by the nearby lever. Be careful when opening the gate, as there are three undead citizens here, and one of them can inflict curse. Progressing farther loops back to a familiar room with many undead citizens and breakable jars. Immediately above you is an undead citizen next to a powder keg, and to the right is a staircase leading back earlier in the level.

In the next room there are three citizens, two hiding in the pot-like things and one ledge just above the door you entered through. After you finish them, go down the hall near a grated wall, to find a secret wall at the end. Interact with it to open it and keep going. This will lead to a curving hall with a long diagonal section. There is another secret door in this hallway, which will lead you outside again. From this point, there are several sets of treasure to get which require some non-reversible drops, so you will have to come this way multiple times. Have some Homeward Bone ready if you don't want to lose time here. First, jump to the platform in front of you, there will be a corpse with a Flame Butterfly and three Torches. Then, drop yourself carefully into the narrow wall. Go to the end of the wall and you will find a corpse with a Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Golden Wing Shield. Go back to the place before jumping and head left, there will be a corpse with Bracing Knuckle Ring. If you look down, you will see a platform with a corpse. Drop down and loot an Alluring Skull, at which point you will be in a courtyard near the Exile Holding Cells bonfire.

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