The Gutter

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
None None Ring of Soul Protection
Ring of the Evil Eye
Dark Pyromancy Flame
Bandit Greataxe
Great Club
Dark Fog
Tattered Cloth Set
Havel's Set
Havel's Greatshield
Wicked Eye Greatshield
Fragrant Branch of Yore
Lightning Winged Spear (SotFS)
Dark Armor (SotFS)
Black Witch Set (SotFS)
Captive Undead
Undead Prisoner
Hunting Dog
Undead Citizen
Poison Horn Beetle
Corrosive Ant Queen
Invader Melinda the Butcher
Invader Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Invader Gutter Denizen
Prisoner's Set
Raw Greataxe +3


All manner of terrible things have been cast into the Gutter in Majula, forming a settlement of filth and chaos.1

Some of the more determined souls exiled to the Gutter sought to scale the walls of the forsaken place and walk the earth once again,
but failed, and wasted away mired in misery and resentment.



  • Upper Gutter
    On a platform right at the start.
  • Central Gutter
    Just after the fog wall.


The Gutter Map Hand Drawn

Gutter Map English With Torch Locations

The Gutter Map (Japanese)

Item Guide Part I

Item Guide Part II

The Gutter in 60 seconds

The first Bonfire (Upper Gutter) is directly to your right when you enter the zone. Jump onto the platform where you can see a treasure glowing. From there you access to the bonfire.

If you take a left from the first bonfire, jump onto the lower platform with the Undead Prisoners (one which wields a torch), and then take the ladder up, you will find a door which can be opened with the Forgotten Key. Inside is Havel's Set and Havel's Greatshield.

From the bonfire you can go on your right a first platform where a Hunting Dog awaits you. Circle around it and you should be fine. Be careful not to wander too much because there are two hollows sitting right behind the wall. Kill them and break the Poison Shooting Statue. Light the head of the broken statue with your Torch to see where you're going.

Progress like this until you find yourself on a ground platform. From there you can fall on the right edge on a second ground platform below. Climb on the wooden structure and jump to a ledge on the wall where a chest awaits you containing the Ring of Soul Protection. The scripted event of NPC Melinda the Butcher invading occurs here. From the ledge where the Ring of Soul Protection is, you can run/jump back into a room in the middle of the wooden structure containing a Mimic3 holding a Lightning Winged Spear and Dark Armor.
In Dark Souls 2 the chest(not a Mimic) contains Twinkling Titanite 1x and Small Smooth and Silky Stone 3x. The Mimic loot may fall through the wooden floor, in which case you can carefully drop through a hole in the corner of the room to the floor below.

The second bonfire is just after the first small fog door on a wooden structure. You need to break through a wall to gain access to it.

One of the ladders from the platform of the second bonfire conducts you to Black Gulch (the one near two big jars). Collect the Fragrant Branch of Yore. Beware of the green statues on the left and enter Black Gulch.


  • There are many sconces around the area, and due to the low visibility it is recommended to carry a lit Torch. If one is running low on torches, the torch wielding Undead Prisoners commonly drop them.
  • Lighted sconces not only increase general visibility, but provide a good way to mark one's path to prevent backtracking and general confusion.
  • About 3/4 of the way through the Gutter is a cave which contains a few Poison Horn Beetles, and the Corrosive Ant Queen. The mist released from the ant's abdomen cures poison.
  • If you've freed Royal Sorcerer Navlaan, he'll ambush you on the platform right under the ladder leading up to the Forgotten Door.
  • The majority of the Gutter is well interconnected and can allow anywhere to be reached with enough knowledge of the area, even backtracking to areas that normally don't appear accessible anymore. However, the platform with the second bonfire has no known way to return to the rest of the Gutter without use of bonfires, so invading in that area may prove troublesome.
  • If you've lit all the sconces Gutter Denizen, he'll invade at the botton of the Gutter and he'll drop the Black Witch Set.4
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