Sweet Shalquoir
Sweet Shalquoir


That tiny thing inside the ruins… An ancient being that will mock your very existence.
She imparts sound wisdom. Provided you find her on a good day…

A cat who can talk. She is quite fond of your scent.


Found in the house to the right of the large pit.


  • Sells various items.
  • Keeps track of the covenants the player has discovered and what rank the player has reached in them.
  • Allows the player to abandon a covenant.


Armor Total Soul Cost Notes
Flying Feline Boots 1 6,000 Reduces falling damage.
Defeat Royal Rat Vanguard and Royal Rat Authority.
Rings Total Soul Cost Notes
Ring of the Evil Eye 1 4,500 Absorb HP from each defeated foe.
Silvercat Ring 1 13,400 Reduces falling damage.
Redeye Ring 1 6,700 Easier to be detected by enemies.
Name-engraved Ring 1 5,500 Easier to connect to players who chose the same god.
Ring of Whispers 1 5,800 Can hear the voices of foes.
Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Homeward Bone 10 600 Return to the last bonfire rested at.
Prism Stone 10 300 Emits light, and marks one's path.
Alluring Skull 10 300 Lures certain types of enemies.
Lloyd's Talisman 10 1,600 On hit, blocks Estus recovery for 30 seconds.


  • Cannot be killed.
  • After opening the Shrine of Winter, all of her consumables will have unlimited stock.
  • She will change places around the room she is located in, going from the table, onto a desk and then sitting in the desk chair and other various positions.
  • Has an unused dialogue line suggesting she might have been killable at some point.
  • You can actually talk to her from outside the house, where the lifegem is in the tent, if she is sitting at that position.


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Voiced by: Hannah John-Kamen

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