Sunlight Spear


In-Game Description

A miracle that launches a spear of sunlight.
Powered with immense wondrous souls.

One of the ancient original miracles,
said to have existed from the infancy
of the very world.


A very powerful, conjured throwing spear that does Lightning damage.

Deals about 3.75 * sacred chimes Lightning ATK in damage.

Does 14.25% of the damage the enemy would take as AoE (area of effect) damage.
Example: If you hit a wall beside an enemy with a Spear, the enemy will take 14.25% of the damage they would normally take if they had been hit directly.

When you hit an enemy directly, they also get hit with the AoE (unless they die from the direct hit), therefore they take 114.25% damage.

If a spear hits either the water or an enemy in water, a short range AoE burst deals extra damage to any enemy in the water close to the point of impact.


Reward for reaching Rank 3 in the Heirs of the Sun covenant.


Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost
Ranged/Lightning 2-6 55 N/A 2

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 2
38 3
49 4
79 5
94 6


  • The number of spell uses was decreased in Calibrations 1.08
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