Sunlight Blade


In-Game Description

An ancient miracle of the sun.
Reinforces weapon in other hand with sunlight,
a form of lightning.

The sun grants life to all things upon the earth,
even if the worshippers of sunlight no longer
bless the surface with their presence.


Temporarily increases weapon's lightning damage by (TotalAR * 0.3) + 51. Duration is dependent on Faith.



Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement
Self/Buff 1-3 26-99 sec 1 36

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 1
43 2
94 3

Duration Increases with Faith

Faith Duration
10 26 sec
20 30 sec
30 50 sec
40 70 sec
50 90 sec
54 99 sec
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