Sublime Bone Dust
Sublime Bone Dust


Charred, ashen bones.
Cast them into the Far Fire in Majula
to increase the HP restored
with each use of your flask.

They say these are the remains of a saint
who cast himself into the bonfire.
But we will never know for sure,
for soot and ashes tell no story.


Burn at the bonfire in Majula to increase the health restored by the Estus Flask.


Dark Souls II

  • ln Heide's Tower of Flame, kill the second Old Knight in the area. This is a one time drop (killing the last giant before entering area appears to nullify drop?).
  • In Sinner's Rise, from the bonfire, go down the steps to the bottom level and take the elevator down to the floor level where there is standing water. Go through the door and to the left, and defeat the Enhanced Undead. The dust will be on a corpse.
  • In Undead Purgatory, before the boss, where the Red Phantom awaits. Jump to the right of the bridge, and grab it from the corpse.
  • in Iron Keep after killing the Old Iron King. There is one in a chest.
  • in Black Gulch after killing the Rotten. There is one in a chest.

Scholar of the First Sin

Found in metal chests guarded by a single Royal Guard.

  • In the passage to No Man's Wharf.
  • In the Shaded Woods, from the Shaded Ruins bonfire. Jump out the window nearby to reach the area containing multiple petrified lion warriors, the chest is found in the building to the left.
  • In Huntsman's Copse from the Bridge Approach bonfire, head to the domed building containing Soul Spear.
  • In Drangleic Castle, after entering the foyer go through the left alcove and enter the the room on the left end of the hallway, behind the halberd-wielding Syan Knight. It's in a metal chest.
  • Right before Gutter, in a metal chest where the Great Heal Excerpt used to be.


  • Each upgrade increases the health restoration of the Estus Flask by 50 HP.
  • The maximum Estus Flask bonus is +5. After it is reached, the dust can still be obtained but is useless. Trying to upgrade the flasks further will only show a dialog telling you "Cannot burn further items".
  • Can be sold to Lonesome Gavlan for 1,800 souls.


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