Strowen lives together with her sisters, Morrel and Griant, and their Housekeeper Milibeth in a house in Things Betwixt.
The three sisters are also known as the Old Firekeepers.
As Firekeepers are often target for Pyromancy and Hex materials, Strowen and her sisters
have retired to this remote region for their own protection.

Wise and cynical with age, Strowen offers advice and assistance to the Undead travelers passing through the rift to
Drangleic. The ringleader of the mischievous trio of retirees, Strowen is never above instigating
her sisters in enjoying a good laugh at the expense of their Undead visitors.

When offered a Soul Vessel, she can let you respec your character (reallocate all your stats). Note: your character is reset only to base stats of the specific class.


Things Betwixt
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1090 0
2 ? 0
8 ? 0




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