Stone Soldier
Stone Soldier


Stone soldiers wielding spears, some have shields. These statues come to life once you get close to them, but they can be woken up from a distance with projectiles.


Drangleic Castle
In the room with many soul-devouring doors and in the room with the contraption that activates the elevator.

Spear & Shield
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 720 350
2 ~1,000 700
8 ? 1,400
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 600 350
2 ? 700
8 ? 1,400


  • Strong against Thrust-Type Attacks
  • Average against Slash-Type Attacks
  • Vulnerable against Strike-Type Attacks


  • High Fire, Magic and Lightning Resistance
  • Low Dark Resistance



  • They respawn indefinitely, as they are needed to open the soul-devouring doors.
  • Their flashy spear routines hit hard and in very quick succession, but they spend much longer recovering from a completely missed swing as opposed to a blocked one. Don't tank all of their hits, dodge them instead to gain an attack window.
  • One of each pair ceases spawning after the door behind the pair is opened. It is not dependent on which one provided the soul to open the door, as even using a Ruin Sentinel's soul to open the door result gives the same result and the said Ruin Sentinel still spawns as before.
  • Immune to poison.
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