Status Effects

Status Effects

A wide range of equipment or conditions can create a Status effect. An icon appears in the top left of the HUD to indicate the current effect(s).

Icon Status Causes
kmYExT5.png Max HP, Stamina, Equip Load Up First Dragon Ring equipped
Second Dragon Ring equipped
Third Dragon Ring equipped
iItcJns.png Attack Rating Up Lightning Clutch Ring equipped
Dark Clutch Ring equipped
Fire Clutch Ring equipped
Sorcery Clutch Ring equipped
Flynn's Ring equipped
Ivory Warrior Ring equipped
Ring of Blades equipped
Stone Ring equipped
jLelpkA.png N/A N/A
o8TEaAj.png Defense Rating Up Dark Quartz Ring equipped
Dispelling Ring equipped
Flame Quartz Ring equipped
Ring of Steel Protection equipped
Spell Quartz Ring equipped
Thunder Quartz Ring equipped
Yorgh's Ring equipped
UQA7NSX.png Bow Range Up Durgo's Hat equipped
Hawk Ring equipped
XTaLzto.png Increased Item discovery Covetous Gold Serpent Ring equipped
Traveling Merchant Hat equipped
Prisoner's Hood equipped
Jester's Cap equipped
Prisoner's Tatters equipped
Watchdragon Parma equipped and ON HAND_
LuKMTQ6.png Fallen Enemies heals HP Ring of the Evil Eye equipped.
gtpQr1U.png Poise Up Ring of Giants equipped.
zCTgsa0.png Increased Soul gain Covetous Silver Serpent Ring equipped
Jester's Gloves equipped
Warlock Mask equipped
Any of Tseldora Set equipped
Any of Nahr Alma Set equipped
fVMZLiq.png Spell Effect Up Clear Bluestone Ring equipped
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring equipped
Black Hood equipped
0mxNVxD.png Status Ailment Defense Up Ash Knuckle Ring equipped
Bracing Knuckle Ring equipped
Poisonbite Ring equipped
Cursebite Ring equipped
Ring of Resistance equipped
Bloodbite Ring equipped
CSPl3cN.png Explosion after Damage Threshold Old Sun Ring equipped.
tVGEc4T.png Reduces Fall Damage Flying Feline Boots equipped
Jester's Tights equipped
Silvercat Ring equipped
Any of Lion Warrior Set equipped
EIOMSZl.png Increased Stamina recovery Chloranthy Ring equipped
Blossom Kite Shield equipped
Shield of The Insolent equipped
Slumbering Dragon Shield equipped
7U0klSx.png Increased Enemy visibility Redeye Ring equipped
LmvQuF4.png Soul Protection but Ring Breaks Ring of Soul Protection equipped
Ring of Life Protection equipped
t83nsFZ.png Tearstone Ring Activated Blue Tearstone Ring activated
Red Tearstone Ring activated
5Xframa.png Health Restoration Ring of Restoration equipped
xWDzVVD.png N/A N/A
4ywIjoK.png Select Online activity disabled Burning a Human Effigy in a Bonfire.
JIfVKPQ.png Gain no souls. Agape Ring equipped.
haeYWIB.png Temporary protection against invasions. Killing a boss as a host or phantom.
6B3YiT0.png Ring Broken Durability of equipped ring at 0
O3s1EP7.png Head Armor Broken Durability of head gear at 0
j5gmzXl.png Chest Armor Broken Durability of chest gear at 0
Z5WWWyW.png Hands Armor Broken Durability of hand gear at 0
XO2KkRG.png Legs Armor Broken Durability of legs gear at 0
NjL6Aca.png Walk / Run Toggle Only available on PC.
kTNhwdN.png Guard Toggle Only available on PC.

Status Ailments

Status ailments happen when attacks apply status points on you until they overcome your resistance. This is displayed to you by a bar on your screen with an icon and a inner color bar that fills it. The bar lengthens as you increase your resistances. The colored bar retracts as long as you are not being subjected to the status effect. Toxic is the only one which does not have a corresponding resistance and is instead affected by Poison Resistance.

Icon Status Notes
XjoWUSI.png Poison Drains HP at a steady rate.
AK1lOOe.png Toxic Stronger version of Poison.
bBt1xrQ.png Curse Turns player hollow and decreases Max. HP
vSOqAzT.png Petrification Turns player to stone and kills them.
RKJvHRF.png Bleed Drains 200 HP and reduces Max. Stamina for 10 Seconds.

Environmental Effects

There are a few ways that the player can become coated with a substance from the environment. The player will remain visibly coated for a period of time, though unlike Status Ailments, there is no indication bar or alert of any kind. The character will become dryer from head to toe, with the effects of the substance disappearing upon returning completely to normal.

Status Notes Causes
Water Soaked Increases fire defense, lowers lightning defense.
Cleanses other Environmental Effects.
Walking through water, water pots, and select Pharros' contraptions.
Poison Soaked Being soaked continually increases poison meter. Walking through poison pools and breaking poison pots.
Oil Soaked Triggers explosion upon taking fire damage or lighting a torch. Being hit by Varangian Sailor's oil bombs and walking into oil vases/ puddles.
Web slowdown Covered in spider webs, movement speed slowed. Get hit by the Duke's Dear Freja's web attack.
Snow-covered No effect Roll in snow covered areas in the Ivory king dlc.
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