Icon Stat Effect Soft/Hard cap(s)1 Effect of soft/hard cap
QLOI6xs.png Vigor HP
Petrify Resist
20/50 The amount of max HP gained is 30 per level from 1 - 20, drops to 20 per level at 21,
and drops to 5 HP per level at 51.
zsLUpFS.png Endurance Stamina
Physical DEF
Slight HP
20 Increases max Stamina by 2 per level. Drops to 1 at level 21.
KXIswdv.png Vitality Equipment Load
Physical DEF
Poison Resist
Slight HP
29/49, 70 for Equipment Load Increases max Equip Burden by 1.5 per level. Drops to 1 at level 30,
0.5 at level 50, and 0.5 per 2 levels past 70.
qW913KK.png Attunement Attunement Slots
Casting Speed
Extra Casts
Slight HP
30/75 for Slots, 94 for max casts,
around 50-55 for Casting Speed with 50 FTH or INT
Increases attunement slots by 1 at 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75.
Unstated effect of Attunement is Extra Casts, which varies from magic to magic.
The last additional cast for all spells is achieved at 94.
Increases Casting Speed by 2 for every 2 levels until Casting Speed is 115, drops to 1 for every 2 levels afterwards until Casting Speed 126 and then one per four levels.
mOoVi7K.png Strength Physical ATK: Strength
Physical DEF
Slight HP
20(25 for two-handed)/40/50 for Physical ATK: Strength Contribution to Attack Rating gets stronger the more points you put into it.
Increases total attack with STR weapons.
Total Attack is multiplied by your weapon's scaling value.
zdN6c7A.png Dexterity Physical ATK: Dexterity
Poison ATK bonus
Bleed ATK bonus
Physical DEF
Slight HP
20/40/50 for Physical ATK: Dexterity Contribution to Attack Rating gets stronger the more points you put into it.
Increases total attack with DEX weapons.
Total Attack is multiplied by your weapon's scaling value.
QecobCl.png Adaptability Agility
Poison ATK bonus
Poison resist
Bleed resist
Petrify resist
Curse resist
around 25 for Resists until resists are 140,
around 35 for Agility if Attunement is around 5
28 for Agility if Attunement is 30
Agility decreases the time it takes to perform certain actions, such as drinking an Estus Flask or Rolling. It increases the frames of invincibility while rolling
Increase Poise and Endurance as an additional effect.
3Yvs68P.png Intelligence Magic ATK bonus
Fire ATK bonus
Dark ATK bonus
Magic defense
Fire defense
Dark defense
Casting Speed
Slight HP
20/40/50 for Magic ATK bonus Contribution to Attack Rating gets stronger the more points you put into it.
Increase Dark Bonus and Fire Bonus as an additional effect.
KQwTgLG.png Faith Fire ATK bonus
Lightning ATK bonus
Dark ATK bonus
Bleed ATK bonus
Fire defense
Lightning defense
Dark defense
Casting Speed
Slight HP
20/40/50 for Lightning ATK bonus Contribution to Attack Rating gets stronger the more points you put into it.
Increases Fire and Dark Bonus as an additional effect.
Lac79N3.png Soul Level N/A N/A Soul Level has no effect on Stats. Soul Level can be found on the top-left corner of your Player Status page.
ezSRYyI.png Soul Memory N/A N/A Matchmaking is determined by Soul Memory and the item used. See Online Matchmaking for more details.
BRJGMy4.png Souls N/A N/A Used to purchase levels, goods and services.


Icon Stat Explanation Icon Stat Explanation
oXeY10p.jpg HP You die if this reaches zero. WqAgYUF.png Attack type The types of damage inflicted by a weapon: strike, slash or thrust.
X6KIDor.jpg Stamina Actions deplete stamina, which automatically recovers. ghtfNAb.png Physical attack The level of physical damage inflicted.
4M7GQFD.jpg Equipment Load Maximum weight that can be equipped. ETqkgqv.png Magic attack The level of magic damage inflicted.
vn7EEgI.jpg Attunement Slots Max. Attunement Slots XMpXjxe.png Fire attack The level of fire damage inflicted.
ELFCYyE.jpg Casting Speed Speed at which spells can be cast. vhZ4LRK.png Lightning attack The level of lightning damage inflicted.
BDCbJxc.jpg Physical Attack Strength Determines STR Scaling bonus. TtZQG02.png Dark attack The level of dark damage inflicted.
YDsMosj.jpg Physical Attack Dexterity Determines DEX Scaling bonus. WR3L3xf.png Poison effect The strength of the poison effect.
zWVFac4.jpg Magic Attack Bonus Determines Magic Scaling bonus. 9pwulfb.png Bleed effect The strength of the bleed effect.
A04EVQt.jpg Fire Attack Bonus Determines Fire Scaling bonus. YdspDjU.png Counter strength Level of counter-damage inflicted on attacking enemy.
qhamP6Q.jpg Lightning Attack Bonus Determines Lightning Scaling bonus. DAX7HRV.png Poise damage Strength of impact disrupting opponent's poise.
1jP9rLF.jpg Dark Attack Bonus Determines Dark Scaling bonus. ACNBxWH.png Shot range Maximum distance achieved by ranged attacks.
1zDWnyv.jpg Poison Attack Bonus Determines Poison buildup speed. XNirxm8.png Casting speed Speed at which spells can be cast.
PYDet11.jpg Bleed Attack Bonus Determines Bleed buildup speed. vHRKk6Q.png Physical reduction The percentage of physical damage reduced.
glPXW40.jpg Physical Defense Reduces damage taken from physical attacks. yTYSjci.png Magic reduction The percentage of magic damage reduced.
dDGUBg1.jpg Magic Defense Reduces damage taken from magical attacks. Xzaz7oJ.png Fire reduction The percentage of fire damage reduced.
YHyxx5r.jpg Fire Defense Reduces damage taken from fire attacks. qFjAlJQ.png Lightning reduction The percentage of lightning damage reduced.
1jvzEGW.jpg Lightning Defense Reduces damage taken from lightning attacks. 3aWkIQ4.png Dark reduction The percentage of dark damage reduced.
CW1q53R.jpg Dark Defense Reduces damage taken from dark attacks. CBwPywJ.png Poison reduction The percentage of poison damage reduced.
KiFfMm3.jpg Poison Resistance Extends poision buildup time. AwVXkR0.png Bleed reduction The percentage of bleed damage reduced.
5cTnWTr.jpg Bleed Resistance Extends bleed buildup time. FZoEXcD.png Petrify reduction The percentage of petrify damage reduced.
6isdVS6.jpg Petrify Resistance Extends petrify buildup time. HT64h2o.png Curse reduction The percentage of curse damage reduced.
GJXWMPE.jpg Curse Resistance Extends curse buildup time. IJcvqp4.png Stability The stability of one's defense. Reduces consumption of stamina when taking attacks.
U0wxxfO.png Agility Boosts ease of evasion and other actions. lZF2Vru.png Durability At zero, items break and become ineffective.
JImi30p.jpg Poise Boosts the ability to withstand the impact of attacks. bhez0pp.png Weight Weight of the item. Movement becomes sluggish if your load is too heavy.

Diminishing Returns

For each consecutive investment in stat, you receive a smaller benefit. Most stats provide a constant benefit until they've reached certain amount (referred to as a soft cap); See the table above for details on each stat.

Note: Enemies do not scale based on your Soul Level. Leveling up will not make enemies harder; only joining certain covenants, using a Bonfire Ascetic, or completing the game and entering successive levels of NG+ will make the enemies harder. By the same token, your character will never grow weaker with additional investment in a stat, it will simply gain a smaller benefit.


  • The soft cap for dark damage is at 30 Intelligence and 30 Faith.
  • The soft cap for fire damage is at 60 of combined Intelligence and Faith. Example: 40 Intelligence and 20 Faith or 30 Intelligence and 30 Faith reaches the soft cap for fire damage.
  • Agility is increased by Attunement and Adaptability, but Adaptability has a three times higher influence. Therefore you may want to level up Adaptability to your personal optimum of Agility, which is always depending on your level in Attunement. The softcap for Agility is 110, the hardcap 120. There is no difference between the number of invincibility frames for 105 and 110 Agility.
  • All resistances increased by Adaptability are increased by other stats at one third of the rate.
  • There are two hidden stats:
    • Luck, or Item Discovery, that controls drop rates of items via defeating enemies and can be increased with certain equipment. See its page for details.
    • Critical Damage Modifier, which controls the extra damage done by critical attacks such as backstab and riposte.

Items that affect stats

Item Stat Change Additional Effects
Head Armor
Archdrake Helm +1 INT
Black Hollow Mage Hood +1 INT
Black Hood +2 INT, +2 FTH +11% Casting Speed
Cale's Helm +1 END, +1 DEX
Chaos Hood +3 INT +5% Casting Speed
Crown of the Sunken King +1 END, +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 INT, +1 FTH, -1 VGR, -1 VIT Vendrick's Blessing
Dark Mask +1 INT, +1 FTH
Desert Sorceress Hood +3 INT
Dragon Sage Hood +1 INT, +1 FTH
Hexer's Hood +1 INT, +1 FTH +10% Casts (rounds up)
Insolent Helm +2 FTH
King's Crown +3 INT, +3 FTH Vendrick's Blessing
Leydia Black Hood +1 INT, +1 FTH
Moon Butterfly Hat +1 INT Poisonous Aura
Moon Hat +2 INT
Priestess Headpiece +1 FTH
Saint's Hood +1 FTH ~+1 Cast per spell
Velstadt's Helm +1 END, +1 VIT
Vengarl's Helm +2 VIT
Warlock Mask +2 INT Increases souls acquired +2.5%
White Hollow Mage Hood +1 INT
White Priest Headpiece +1 FTH
Leg Armor
Flower Skirt +2 VGR, +1 END
Handmaid's Ladle +2 ADP, +1 END, +1 VIT, -1 DEX
Work Hook +5 DEX, -3 ADP
Vessel Shield +1 VGR, +1 END, +4 STR, +4 DEX, +1 ADP, +1 INT, +1 FTH Spell Parry
Chime of Screams + FTH depending on base values Extremely Slow Cast Speed
Dexterity Ring +5 DEX
Strength Ring +5 STR
Simpleton's Ring +5 ADP
Ring of the Embedded + VGR, END, VIT depending on base values Increases damage taken by 8%
Ring of Knowledge +5 INT
Ring of Prayer +5 FTH
Blackweed Balm +5 INT Lasts 45s
Goldenfruit Balm +5 FTH Lasts 45s
Old Growth Balm +5 STR Lasts 45s
Vine Balm +5 DEX Lasts 45s
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