Required to carry out actions.
Actions deplete stamina, which
automatically recovers.

Derived Stat that increases maximum Stamina, represented by the green bar at the top of the screen. Stamina is necessary for the execution of most combat or strenuous actions in Dark Souls 2, such as swinging a weapon, preparing to shoot an arrow with a bow, spell casting, dodging, absorbing a blocked attack, sprinting, and many other actions. If you attempt to execute one of these actions when you have no Stamina, your character will generally not react to the attempted execution.

Stamina naturally regenerates over time when not attempting to execute an action that drains stamina, such as walking normally, using an item, interacting with the environment, or merely standing still. Holding up a shield doesn't drain the Stamina bar, but lowers Stamina regeneration.

Influence of Attributes on Stamina

Attribute 3-20 21-98 98-99
Endurance +2 +1 +2

Tips on Stamina Management and Advanced Mechanics

Command Queuing
A relevant bit of information related to the execution of actions, which is tangentially related since a majority of in-game actions drain the Stamina bar, is that Dark Souls 2, like Dark Souls, uses a queue system for button inputs. This means that mashing buttons will often cause your character to execute multiple moves in a row. While button queuing may be difficult to get used to if you have played similar games that don't queue button presses, such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it can be used to your advantage with practice, as the ability to purposefully execute moves in succession can be beneficial as it allows your character to begin the next desired action immediately.

Prolonged Sprinting
In regards to sprinting, if a player completely depletes their stamina bar they will not be able to sprint again for approximately 3 seconds. Every other action that requires stamina can be executed as normal. As a result it is useful to stop sprinting just before the stamina bar empties and to let it recharge a little bit before continuing to run. If a player manages their stamina in this way they will be able to sprint for much longer periods of time and will avoid periods of downtime in which they are forced to walk.

Stamina Regeneration Rate
The rate of stamina regeneration can be improved by the use of relevant consumables or certain equipment.

Stamina regeneration rate is dependant on equip burden. Lowering equip burden by using lighter gear or increasing vitality will increase the natural rate of stamina regeneration. Gains are quite good from 70% to 30% equip burden. Regeneration rate with no equipment (baseline) appears to be 44-45 stamina/sec.

Natural regeneration rate can be improved with some equipment. The effects are cumulative (ring+blossom+shield = +40% regen rate).
Item Regeneration Increase
Chloranthy Ring+2 25%
Green Blossom 15%
Blossom Kite Shield 5%
Slumbering Dragon Shield 5%
Shield Of The Insolent 5%

Negative Stamina
It is in fact possible to have negative stamina, and just like in the original Dark Souls, the negative stamina will have to be regenerated before the usable stamina bar begins to refill. However, unlike in original Dark Souls, going into negative stamina in Dark Souls 2 has the additional penalty of reducing the damage of an attack that puts the player into the negatives. While the exact damage penalty is unknown, the penalty is more severe the farther into the negative the attack takes you. For example, an attack that puts a player at -15 stamina will have a greater damage penalty than an attack that brings the player to -5 stamina. It is important to note that since backstabs in Darksouls II consume stamina this damage penalty from negative stamina will still apply, resulting in greatly reduced backstab damage. Spell casts that put the player's stamina into the negatives will also deal less damage, as well as having a longer casting time.

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