Souls are the currency in Dark Souls II.

They can be used to gain levels by speaking with the Emerald Herald in Majula, and to buy items and services from various merchants.


  • Souls can be obtained in 'loose form' by killing enemies. These are added to the current total in the bottom right of the HUD.
  • The number of Souls an enemy drops in loose form depends on the current Bonfire Intensity level.
  • Souls in 'solid form' can be collected as treasure or by killing Bosses.
  • Refer to the Soul Farming page for guidance on accumulating souls faster.
  • Souls gained can be increased by wearing certain pieces equipment. See the chart below.

Equipment which increase Souls Gained

These items stack with each other.

Items Percentage Increase
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring 10/20/30
Tseldora Cap 2.5
Tseldora Robe 5
Tseldora Manchettes 10
Tseldora Trousers 5
Warlock Mask 2.5
Nahr Alma Hood 2.5
Nahr Alma Robes 10
Jester's Gloves 10
Symbol of Avarice 2.5
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