In-Game Description




  • Souls can be obtained in 'loose form' by killing enemies. These are added to the current total in the bottom right of the HUD.
  • The number of Souls an enemy drops in loose form depends on the current playthrough.
  • Souls in 'solid form' can be collected as treasure or by killing Bosses.
  • Refer to the Soul Farming page for guidance on accumulating souls faster.
  • Souls gained can be increased by wearing certain pieces of armor or rings. See the chart below.

Equipment which increase Souls Gained

Item Percentage Increase
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring 10/20/30
Tseldora Cap 2.5
Tseldora Robe 5
Tseldora Manchettes 10
Tseldora Trousers 5
Jester's Gloves 10
Warlock Mask 2.5
Nahr Alma Robes 10
Nahr Alma Hood 2.5
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