Soul Vortex

In-Game Description

One of the lost sorceries preserved only
in the Undead Crypt.
Fires successive homing souls.

Extremely difficult sorcery to evade,
making it very effective against frisky foes.


Fires a large slow moving soul orb with a swirling vortex of soul particles surrounding it that damage enemies. Has a very slow cast time. This spell can do heavy damage if it connects properly with the bulk of the damage coming from the large orb.


  • Found in the Pit in Majula. Requires the Forgotten Key from Black Gulch. Talk to Laddersmith Gilligan and ask him to drop a ladder for 12,000 souls. Take the long ladder and open the door with the Forgotten Key. Alternatively you can jump down on the wooden beams inside the well with reduced fall damage in order to get to this door which skips the need to pay 12,000 souls.


Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots Intelligence Required
Ranged/Magic 4 N/A 1 37

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 4
32 5
43 6
58 7
94 8


  • Soul Vortex works best when fired at rather a large group of enemies in close quarters, or a large singular target with no specific defense mechanisms (Demon Of Song and the Duke's Dear Freja are examples of poor targets for this spell, as damage needs to be done in specific areas, not just overall).
  • While the center of the vortex does significant damage, the repeated hits by the exterior swirling mass of souls also deal a lot of damage. As this is the case, it is best to aim the vortex to travel at around chest height to maximize hits by the swirling mass of souls, and not on a elevation or decline, unless necessary.
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