Soul Vessel
Soul Vessel

In-Game Description

A vessel that will accept your souls.

It can allow reallocation of levels,
but withought proper assistance,
it may simply drain you of souls.

If you truly wish to start again,
go to the place where your journey began.


Reset your character back to starting Class stats and redistribute levels by offering it to Strowen in Things Betwixt. Any Souls you might have during this process are retained.


  • In a chest in the Majula mansion. House Key required.
    In the weeks leading up to the DLC release, this chest will contain other items instead of the Soul Vessel (such as Divine Blessing, 3x Petrified Something, 2x Twinkling Titanite, 5x Cracked Red Eye Orb).
  • Lost Bastille treasure.
    You will need a Pharros Lockstone to reach this one. From Steady Hand McDuff's Workshop go back to the area with the wooden scaffolding, enter in the building blocked by planks, then go outside again in the area with the well. From there enter the next building and on the elevated surface facing the door you came through take the left, if you reached that room from the ladder outside instead then it is straight ahead. In that next room there is a Pharros' lock on the right, the secret wall will appear on the left once triggered. The Soul Vessel is in the wooden chest behind. Perfect for farming through bonfire ascetics at the Exile holding cells' bonfire. Antiquated Key required.
  • Drangleic Castle treasure.
    From the Central Castle bonfire, proceed up the giant elevator. In a metal chest behind the cage.
  • Undead Crypt treasure.
    From the Undead Ditch bonfire, jump onto the platform located under the bridge short cut.
  • Memory of Orro treasure.
    Can be farmed by using a bonfire ascetic on the Place Unbeknownst's bonfire and going to Memory of Jeigh to get back the bonfire ascetic previously used.
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