Soul Shower

In-Game Description

Hurls a huge soul mass which splits
into smaller souls that rain from above.

Requires real talent and is difficult
to handle. Only works in certain places,
and against certain foes.


Fires a large orb of souls into the air above that will split into small souls which rain down on enemies.


Trade Straid of Olaphis the Scorpioness Najka Soul and 1,500 souls.


Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots Intelligence Required
Ranged/Magic 4 N/A 1 22

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 4
32 5
43 6
58 7
94 8


  • The small soul missiles that Soul Shower emits from the initial soul orb have no innate tracking ability, therefore casting this spell without a lock on will cause the souls missiles to descend in a linear pattern. The soul missiles that are emitted will only have tracking when locked onto a target, and they will only track towards that singular target.
  • Casting Soul Shower in cramped spaces will prove of limited use as rather the initial soul orb will collide with the ceiling and not release the smaller soul missiles, or there wont be enough space for the soul missiles to expand from the orb and descend on the target.
  • Loses damage and range when spiced to low intelligence (need confirmation).
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