Soul of the King
Soul of the King

In-Game Description

Soul of Vendrick, King of Drangleic.

This great soul beckoned the Dark,
overwhelming the King.
Perhaps this King, who once ruled the world
of men, was a lacking vessel for the true throne.

Use the soul of he who would link the flame
to acquire numerous souls,
or to create something of great worth.


After defeating King Vendrick in Undead Crypt, go to Shrine of Amana. Near the second bonfire (before the Ogre) there is a path leading to some tree roots blocking a door.

Open the door behind the roots (you must be human), inside is a chair with the Soul of the King on it and to the left is his armor set.


Give Soul to Player Receives Cost
Weaponsmith Ornifex Ruler's Sword 10,000
Weaponsmith Ornifex King's Shield 10,000
Weaponsmith Ornifex King's Ultra Greatsword 10,000
Consume 50,000 souls -


  • Soul of the King is only available once per playthrough, even if King Vendrick killed again after using a Bonfire Ascetic or if a Bonfire Ascetic is used on the Crumbled Ruins bonfire.
  • There appears to be a glitch (Version 1.03) where you will not be able to trade the Soul of the King to Ornifex unless you loot the chest in the same chamber containing the King's Set. Confirmed. You need to loot everything from the chambers in order to have Ornifex smith weapons out of Soul of the King.
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