Soul of Nashandra
Old King Soul

In-Game Description

Soul of Nashandra, Queen of Drangleic.

The fragments of the abyss, of untold origin,
nourished their beings by the sides of would-be
monarchs. Perhaps they were simply ordeals
on the road to kinghood.

One day, the flames will fade, and only darkness
will remain. Unless, of course, an heir arrives.

Use the special soul of this prisoner of desire
to acquire numerous souls,
or to create something of great worth.


Defeat Nashandra in Throne of Want.


Give Soul to Player Receives Cost
Weaponsmith Ornifex Scythe of Want 10,000
Weaponsmith Ornifex Chime of Want 10,000
Weaponsmith Ornifex Bow of Want 10,000
Consume 30,000 souls -
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