Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash

Bride of Ash soul

In-Game Description

Fragment description:

Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash, who renounced
her flesh and wandered Brume Tower.

When Nadalia came to this land,
the king she sought was no longer there.
Dispirited, she forsook her own soul
and clung to the heirlooms of the old king.

This is only a fragment of a soul,
and cannot be used in this state.

True soul description:

Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash, who renounced
her flesh and wandered Brume Tower.

In the act of dancing, the Bride of Ash
was transfigured as smoke, enticing people
to her residence. And so her seat of power
came to be known as the Brume Tower.

The wondrous soul of this augur of solitude
can be used to acquire numerous souls,
or to create something of great worth.


Destroy Ashen Idols around Brume Tower with Smelter Wedges. They will leave behind fragments of Nadalia's soul, there are 12 fragments in total.
11 are acquired by destroying Ashen Idols, the last one is dropped by the Fume Knight.


Only the completed soul can be used.
Give Soul to Player Receives Cost
Straid of Olaphis Outcry 45,000
Weaponsmith Ornifex Chime of Screams 20,000
Consume 30,000 souls -


  • When you pick up the final fragment, you get a message: Nadalia is no more. True soul of Nadalia acquired.
  • If you die or exit the game before picking up the soul item, unlike other dropped items, the item will still be there on the ground.
  • The fragments will only combine to form the True soul of Nadalia if they are all outside your item box while in Brume Tower. If you keep some fragments in the item box, then, after collecting all 12, you move them from your item box to your main inventory while outside of Brume Tower, the 12 fragments won't combine. You won't see the message appear and neither Straid nor Ornifex will offer the unique trade items. They'll combine after returning to Brume Tower (all areas of The Old Iron King DLC have this effect).
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