Smelter Wedge

Smelter Wedge

In-Game Description

An iron wedge forged in this land.
Destroys the ashen idol.

The ashen idol is of great consequence
to Nadalia, who, having renounced her flesh,
entrusts her very being to it.


Used to destroy Ashen Idols all over Brume Tower.


Eleven in total around Brume Tower:

  • Six near the beginning.
  • Four close to the third bonfire, take the elevator to the left up twice and go right at the top of the second elevator, follow the path and at the end is a chest with four Smelter Wedges. (Video guide)
  • One on a throne after the Sir Alonne boss fight. Only accessible after Fume Knight is defeated.

List of Ashen Idol locations

  1. Next to the Throne Floor bonfire.
  2. In a room full of Ashen Warriors soon after the Throne Floor bonfire.
  3. In the room with an Iron Warrior, surrounded by Ashen Warriors. (Before this room there are a few Cask Runners)
  4. Inside the tower where Maldron the Assassin invades.
  5. Near the Smelter Throne bonfire.
  6. Behind the locked door by the Foyer bonfire.
  7. In the room with an Iron Warrior and four doors, behind one of the doors. After activating the elevators, head out to the elevator room after the Upper Floor bonfire. Go right; you'll see a platform moving up and down and a door across from it.
  8. -11. Four enclosing the Fume Knight boss arena.
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