Smelter Demon (Iron King DLC)


Smelter Demon is a boss of the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC and resides in the Iron Passage.


Iron Passage
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 9,260 75,000
2 (NG+) 12,964 150,000
8 (NG+7) 27,780 300,000


NPC Summons


  • High Magic resistance (How high is unconfirmed, but it is noticeably higher than other elemental defenses (To compare, a magic attack on the normal Smelter Demon that does 460 damage only did 84 on the blue one.)
  • Medium resistance to Lightning / Fire / Dark (Lightning being the higher resist, and Dark the lower one. But the difference among these 3 resists is really small)
  • Resistant to Slash damage
  • Weak to Strike damage
  • Can be poisoned


  • During the fight, the Smelter Demon will apply a body buff that deals magic damage around him and a weapon buff that extends his range and damage.
  • As soon as his flame becomes lit, a timer begins.
  • After 30 seconds OR approximately 13% of its health has been depleted, the Smelter Demon will apply his first buff after its current action.
  • After another 30 seconds OR approximately 35% of its health has been depleted, the Smelter Demon will apply his second buff after its current action.
  • The first buff can be skipped altogether. To do this, you must deplete 35% of its health as the 30 seconds pass during one of its animations. The Smelter Demon will step back, stand still for a second and then perform the second buff.

Attack Patterns

Has all of the attack patterns of the Smelter Demon in Iron Keep, though this one deals Magic damage instead of Fire.

When the Demon kindles the first time, it will explode. This Demon does have increased defenses during the kindle animations like the original does.

Additionally, some of the Demon's sword combos are slightly slower or have long delays compared to the original, which can catch you off guard. Its sword range is also longer.

Attack Damage Damage Type Parryable?* Speed Tracking (left/right)
Sword thrust Medium Melee/Magic No Fast
Horizontal swing (left to right) Medium Melee/Magic No Fast
Backhand swing (right to left) Medium Melee/Magic No Fast
Overhead smash High Melee/Magic No Medium
Plunging sword impale High Melee/Magic - Medium
AOE Magic burst High Magic - Slow None


Healing should only be done immediately after the Demon finishes attacking or else its next attack will be a fast thrust while you're immobile.

For additional defenses, have the Spell Quartz Ring +3 equipped, which you should have gotten in Brume Tower on the way here.

When infused with Magic, both the Magic Shield and the Rampart Golem Shield offer 100% magic damage protection, which can help greatly in this fight, since once the demon's sword is buffed, it seems most of its damage is magic rather than physical. These shields are good options if your character does not have the STR requirement for the bigger shields. The Magic Shield has low stability, so it is best to use it to block the occasional hit when you think dodging is risky, specifically when the boss is about to do his backhand slash, which has two alternate timings - it could either have a long delay, or be almost instantly. After this attack, the next attack is usually a jump smash, or just a vertical smash, both of which are easy to dodge.


It is probably best to fight the Smelter Demon alone if you plan on using melee attacks. The NPC summons don't do enough damage or survive long enough to justify increasing the demon's defenses. A good player summon could be helpful, but if they die early you're just setting yourself up for a longer fight requiring perfect timing throughout.

All attacks can be evaded by hugging the demon's left hip (your right), circling right, and rolling past the demon on the right when it attacks. Roll away from the jump attack, either rolling far enough to avoid the AOE blast, or timing your roll to go through the blast.

Smelter Demon will harshly punish you if you get greedy with attacks. With a slow weapon you can only get one attack in most cycles. Even with a fast weapon it is important to save enough stamina to be able to dodge up to three times. You may have the best luck staying slightly outside your melee range and baiting it to do the single thrust or the upward sweep to jump attack, as these are easier to dodge and punish.

If you aren't good at rolling, using Havel's Greatshield infused with magic will nullify most of his damage. Combined with some Elizabeth's Mushrooms for chip damage and the damage over time from being near Smelter Demon, you should be able to stay at full health with no problems. Use his plunging attack into AOE burst as an opportunity to heal or use a mushroom.


In NG, this version of Smelter can be very effectively fought with bow and arrows, so long as you summon both Steel-willed Lorrie and Drifter Swordsman Aidel. You will need:

  • Fully upgraded bow.
  • A stack of regular arrows and Poison Arrows.
  • Warmth, Great Heal or some other way to heal the summons before beginning the boss fight.

From the bonfire, go through the long route with both summons methodically, taking out every enemy. Do your best to keep your summons' health bars as full as possible. Once you reach the boss fog, heal both summons to full health. This is very important; they are cannon-fodder for this fight and the longer that they stay alive, the easier the fight is.

When you enter, fire a Poison Arrow or two and be prepared to dodge Smelter's opening attack. Once the summons get through the fog gate, they should hold the boss's attention. Start firing away with your arrows - never stop firing arrows. Use Poison Arrows until you see the telltale 15 points of damage that let you know Smelter has been poisoned. Switch to regular arrows until the poison ends, then poison the Demon again. Repeat this until the boss is dead.

Always stay on the far side of the arena and never stop firing. More than likely Aidel will not survive, but Lorrie should hold out until the end. As long as one of the summons is alive, Smelter will likely not pay any attention to you. Just be sure to dodge any magic projectiles that inadvertently come in your direction and you should be good. It's quite easy to win the fight without taking any damage this way.

In NG+ with a +7 longbow and Iron Arrows, when not poisoning, this strategy is also viable. Summons may both die, very close towards the end, so be prepared to switch to melee.

Video: Smelter Demon - Poison Arrows + Dark Orb


  • This boss has generally the same appearance as the Smelter Demon in Iron Keep, but with a number of notable changes. Firstly, it has a vibrant blue fire different from natural fire's regular appearance, as to suggest its prowess in Magic instead of Fire. The pauldrons are symmetrical, the horns curve upwards, and its ligament armor components are linked together by chainmail.
  • If you can get its health down to 50% fast enough, it will skip its immolation type action and go straight to buffing its weapon.
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