Small Blue Burr
Small Blue Burr

In-Game Description

A small Blue burr.
Temporarily boosts magic defense.

These burrs bloom magnificently on a shrub
every few years, their color and effect determined
by soil quality and recent weather.
Known to have been used in rituals long ago.


Boosts Magic Defense by 150 points for 90 seconds.


Where to Buy

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Rosabeth of Melfia 1,200 souls

Chest and Corpse Locations

  • Five on a corpse shortly after the section with the frozen fountain and several Spellswords in Frozen Eleum Loyce. Turn left towards an ambushing spear-wielding Spellsword to collect the treasure.

Enemy Drops

Other Sources


  • Counts as a self-buff; as such, it will remove any other active self-buff if it is used.
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