Skeleton Lords


Three Skeleton Lords that use pyromancies and melee. They summon skeletons upon their deaths.


Huntsman's Copse
Bonfire Ascetic respawn: Undead Lockaway bonfire.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) Halberd: 780
Scythe: 780
Staff: 520
2 (NG+) Halberd: 1,560
Scythe: 1,560
Staff: 1,040
8 (NG+7) Halberd: 2,964
Scythe: 2,964
Staff: 1,976


NPC Summons

  • Scholar of the First Sin: Bashful Ray. Small white sign. In the first open domed hut after the Bridge Approach bonfire, near the corpse with the Morning Star. Considering the distance to the boss fog, it may be wise to clear the path before summoning him. His pyromancies and rapid attacks can make quick work of the boss.
  • Scholar of the First Sin: Creighton the Wanderer. Found next to the portcullis in the cave next to the Undead Lockaway bonfire.


  • Weak to Strike-type attacks


  • Using BOSS-TIER
  • Not in contact with Water:
    • High Magic Resistance
    • Medium Lightning and Dark Resistance
    • Very Low Fire Resistance
  • After contact with water in the area:
    • High Magic Resistance
    • Medium+ Fire Resistance
    • Medium Dark Resistance
    • Low Lightning Resistance
  • Immune to poison

*The 3 Lords only, summons use NORMAL-TIER


This boss exhibits strength in numbers. If you're not careful, the sheer amount of enemies on the field can overwhelm you.

You first face off against the Lords themselves, who use pyromancies and melee attacks. They take a long time to actually start attacking you, so use this to your advantage to get in one or two hits on them. Use the mounds of skeletons as cover.

Each Skeleton Lord spawns a different type of smaller skeleton when killed:

The lives of these smaller skeletons count towards the boss health bar, so you have to eliminate every last skeleton to beat the boss.

Try killing one Lord at a time, and then kill the newly spawned skeletons. Otherwise you'll find yourself surrounded very fast.

Melee Strategy

A greatsword/ultra greatsword is preferable for this fight because you can kill large numbers of skeletons in one swing. Strike weapons also work well due to their natural strength against skeletons.

Move around the perimeter of the area, using the mounds of skeletons as cover, and finish off the enemies one by one.

Try using Alluring Skulls to group enemies together if you use a large melee weapon.

It is best to take the mage out last as Bonewheel Skeletons are very difficult to deal with in the midst of a horde.


Equip Yearn and use the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring to extend the time Yearn is active.

Use the bone pillars as cover. Then, once you've got some space, attack the Lords with your spells or heal as needed.

Once the smaller skeletons spawn quickly switch to Yearn and cast it somewhere across the room. The skeletons will ignore you while it's active. This will give you time to finish them off one by one. If you are slow to cast it you might have to dodge one or two Bonewheel Skeletons before they are distracted.

You probably won't be able finish them all before the spell wears off. Yearn makes a noise while it's active. Once you hear it stop, quickly cast it again.

If you have trouble with the NG+ skeleton wheels, use the hex Darkstorm. Simply use it as soon as they start to appear or charge you, and they will be one-shot without a chance of hitting you.


Equip Heavenly Thunder and stand in water to draw the skeletons around you, the area of effect of each pillar will mostly kill one or more skeleton each strikes.

Use the default mace or a lightning infused mace to deal with the bonewheel skeleton as they spawn as they are quick and will deal a huge amount of damage if not blocked or dodged.

The Mace is great to backstab the skeleton lords themselves dealing a huge chunk of their health if not killing them outright. Don't try to crowd control with the mace as it's reach is ridiculous.

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