Sinner's Rise

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
The Lost Sinner Lucatiel of Mirrah
Human Effigy
Sublime Bone Dust
Northern Ritual Band
Pharros' Lockstone
Smooth & Silky Stone
Fragrant Branch of Yore
Enhanced Undead
Royal Swordsman
Undead Citizen
Flexile Sentry (SotFS)
Red Phantom Undead Citizen - Bonfire Intensity 2+
Red Phantom Undead Jailer - Bonfire Intensity 2+
Prisoned Sinner (NG+ only)
Royal Swordsman Set
Royal Greatsword
Heavy Crossbow
Malformed Skull
Bell Keeper Bow
Bell Keeper Shield


A small, fairly straightforward prison level past the Servants Quarters bonfire in the the Lost Bastille.

Home of the Lost Sinner, likely the first Old One the player will encounter. Defeating her opens access to a Primal Bonfire.




Sinner's Rise Map (Japanese)

Item Guide

Sinner's Rise Video Walkthrough with Boss

In Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, the flooded area after the elevator ride contains a Flexile Sentry where the Enhanced Undead were previously. On Bonfire ascetic 2, two Enhanced Undead are also present, as well as Black Phantom Undead Citizen.

You enter the area by crossing a long straight bridge, with crossbow snipers firing down at you. Open the main doors and follow the broken ledges around to the gap in the wall. Go right and up the ladder to reach the area's only bonfire. Before resting there, go right around the corner of the tower and take out the three Royal Swordsman who were sniping you in the beginning. These enemies will attack you every time you get up from the bonfire. Grab the loot on the ledge inside the tower and then go back to rest at the bonfire.

Head back down the ladder and follow the stairs leading around the perimeter of the building and kill another Royal Swordsman. There are three more in the room with the elevator. Once they have been killed, take the elevator down to the basement. Look out for the treasure on a platform just before reaching the bottom. Jump from the elevator to get five Lacerating Knifes. You should then be able to safely drop down to ground below. The room you arrive in is safe, so prepare for a relatively difficult set of battles as you proceed.

The next area is flooded, which limits your mobility. There are three Enhanced Undead waiting for you. It is highly recommended that you only aggro them one at a time. With patience you can lure them back to the elevator room one at a time, so that you have better mobility. If you send the elevator back up they can be tricked into falling into the hole beneath by locking on and rolling away but of course this wastes any items they may drop. A nice trick is to get them to follow you onto the elevator platform and then activate it and roll away. The monster will go up on the platform and usually fall off to land on the platform over your head where they can be safely picked off with sorcery or arrows, leaving their drops available but remember to recall the elevator, ride it back up and come back down to retrieve dropped items as you will be stuck on the platform unable to call the elevator back down. it is possible to roll down and land on the ground but tricky so keep it simple.

Once they are dead, collect the random loot in the area. There is also an illusory wall (interact) close to the stairs from the elevator. Head down the stairs and go right; on the right wall, is a wall that opens to reveal a corpse with the Northern Ritual Band. Use caution in this area, as the ground only extends a few feet out; don't explore away from the loot corpse.

Proceeding halfway into the flooded area offers you a branching path and the opportunity to go upstairs to either the right or left. The locked cell on the upper left is opened with the Bastille Key. Your path forward is how to progress forward. Once you pass those stairwells, you will find several open cells with loot and home to several Undead Citizen. Again, try to draw them out one at a time, since getting swarmed makes this area significantly more difficult.

Once they are dead, it is essentially a straight, unimpeded run to the boss fog gate. If you have defeated the Belfry Gargoyles in Belfry Luna and have attained the Bastille Key already, you can proceed up the stairs to either side of the fog gate to light oil, which will illuminate the boss room.

It is also possible to summon Lucatiel to help in this fight. Her sign is at the bottom of the elevator.

In scholar of the first sin it is possible to summon Sellsword Luet

You can now head through the fog gate to challenge the Lost Sinner.

After the boss fight, be sure to open the chest before using the Primal Bonfire. It contains a Fragrant Branch of Yore.


  • Once you reach the flooded basement, it is possible to sprint through the flooded cells area without taking damage. The enemies will give chase, but only to right before the boss area.
  • The flooded area before the boss allows for the player to swim and is the only place in the game allowing the player to swim. This hints to a deleted feature that swimming would be a more prominent feature of the game.
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