Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon


The King erected a magnificent city, and the dragon slept soundly.
Until Sir Yorgh disturbed it with a single great strike, and the dragon could bear its store of poison no longer.
The rain of death toppled the city, but restored the dragon's purity.1

Sinh is the final boss of the Crown of the Sunken King DLC and resides just after the Dragon's Rest bonfire.


Dragon's Rest
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 10,030 96,000
2 (NG+) 14,042 192,000
8 (NG+7) 30,090 384,000


NPC Summons


  • High Fire resistance
  • Moderate Magic and Dark resistance
  • Low Lightning resistance
  • Immune to Poison

Attack Patterns


  • Firebreath: Breathes fire straight forward with long range. Shakes its head a few times before using it.
  • Arcing Firebreath: Retracts neck a bit while turning to the left. He then proceeds to breathe fire while sweeping the flame towards the right through an arc. Shakes its head a few times before using it. This attack can be rolled under, much in the way that The Duke's Dear Freja's beam attack can.
  • Standing Firebreath: Sits up on its back legs and breathes fire on the ground below it. The area of effect covers its rear legs, so be careful if you're planning on standing behind him.
  • Backwards Fireblast: Cranes its head around and shoots a shorter ranged burst of fire towards its flank and between its legs.
  • Bite: Keeps head mostly in place and attempts to bite the player, sweeping from its left.
  • Lunging Head Swipe: Rears up and lunges far forward, swinging its head and neck from its right side. Stomps the ground with its front legs as it finishes. This attack cannot be blocked.
  • Single-leg Swipe: Swings at the player with either its left or right front leg. Good tracking, dangerous even by its rear legs.
  • Double-leg Swipe: Swings at the player with either left or right leg, then slashes downwards with the other one.
  • Tail Swipe: Spins its body around once, swiping with its tail. Attack is mostly nullified if the player cuts off its tail.
  • Tail Double-swipe: Jumps and spins tail around twice. Attack is mostly nullified if the player cuts off its tail.
  • Tail and Leg-swipe combos: Strings together several claw and tail attacks, for example a single claw swipe, single tail swipe and then a double tail swipe.
  • General movement: Player will take damage if they're in the way as Sinh leaps from one spot to another. More of a risk during co-op.


  • Diving Attack: Dives straight at a target after which it lands on the ground. Cannot be blocked. Upon landing it skids on the ground and spins to face the other direction. Its tail can catch you as it's spinning.
  • Fireball: Hovers and shoots a single exploding fireball at the player. This leaves a poisonous smoke.
  • Airborne Firebreath: Flies in a straight line over the player raining down a stream of fire. Remains airborne afterwards.
  • Landing: Falls straight downwards to land after a fireball or firebreath attack. Nearby targets will take damage if they're caught underneath.


Sinh's breath attacks buildup toxic and some of its attacks leave a cloud of toxic-inflicting gas behind. Add some Poison Moss to your quick inventory in case you get poisoned.

Sinh's skin is corrosive and melee attacks against its torso, legs and tail will decrease the weapon's durability rapidly. Exceptions are its head and neck. Keep some Repair Powder with you. Each hit on his body does around 1.5 durability damage to your weapon. Durability will be a problem for most weapons if you are doing less than around 400 damage per hit. (NOTE: durability loss not evident in newest patch. Needs testing confirmation. No durability loss with several greatswords noticed when striking any part of its body)

Alternatively, you might want to use Santier's Spear for this battle, assuming you already broke it. Infinite durability, Sinh's mediocre resistance to slash and spear's decent reach and moveset makes it a great weapon versus Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon. 2H attacks are especially effective while you're underneath or behind him.


Sinh always starts the fight with the lunging head swipe attack. Once you enter its room start running towards it, keeping to your left (no need to be intimidated by its opening fire breathing animation). Sinh will lunge past you and you can get a few easy hits on its rear legs.

Sinh is easier to maneuver around if you don't lock onto it. While airborne however, locking on may be an easy way to keep track of him.

When Sinh is in the air you should always be moving towards it, while also keeping off to its side, aiming to get nearly underneath it. If it does any of its attacks roll even further to the side to get out of the way. The closer you are to being underneath it the more likely its dive and fire strafe attacks will have already gone over you before they get dangerous. Being nearby also puts you in the best position to attack as if it drops down to land.

If you're fighting Sinh solo it's risky and a bit of a hassle to constantly try to run around it to attack its rear legs. A more cautious approach is to stay back and bide your time and wait for safe chances to hit it. For the most part you'll just have to focus on avoiding its aerial attacks, which at least give you plenty of time to heal from if they hit you. Stay back from Sinh when it's on the ground and wait for it to do a lunging head swipe. Roll back from it and then hit Sinh's head after the attack finishes. Watch out for a possible bite counterattack. Sinh is also vulnerable when it shakes its head to indicate it's about to perform a long-range breath attack. When it does so, run towards and past its head and get a few hits in on its body, and then run away before it can swipe at you. Finally, if you wait nearby when Sinh drops down to land from the air you can step in and get off a hit or two - usually on its head because that will be closest - before it resumes attacking you.

If you're fighting Sinh with phantoms it's much easier to focus on its rear legs while it's distracted by other opponents. Attack the tail when possible as it close to nullifies its chance to hit you with tail attacks. Cutting it off, however, might be difficult without a downward-striking/slashing weapon, due to Sinh generally keeping its tail a bit above ground.

An alternate strategy for a Melee build is to use the Avelyn +10 and the Grym Shield +10, Flame Ring & Poison Bite Ring. The shield will fully negate his flame attacks - including the diving flame attack. Ideally, you should attempt to stay in the middle of the board with Sinh flying from end to end over your head swooping down to burn you. You will take no damage as he passes then immediately turn around to re-target him. Wait for him to land (he may shoot a toxic ball or two which you can simply strafe to avoid) then as soon as he lands take a shot. Lightning or Magic bolts work best. He may shoot his flame which gives an opportunity to strafe and take another shot. If he does the side to side sweeping flame, simply use the shield to block it and do not take a shot - you need to keep some stamina. Eventually, he will rise up and do his swooping flame attack again. Repeat the process. The only attack that you can be damaged in this strategy is sometimes after he lands and you take your shot, he will get upset and charge you with his head flick attack. You can avoid this by rolling backwards. Patience is key.


This is a hard fight for the Miracle caster because Sinh seems to be resistant to lightning. That being said, summon both NPCs and let them tank while you spam him with miracles. Be sure to bring items that restore uses of spells because you will run out of casts quickly.



  • After Sinh is defeated, Crown of the Sunken King lies on the ground, glowing radiantly.
  • Sinh's tail can be cut off, but there is no item reward for it.
  • Yorgh's Ring can be found on a corpse in the boss room.
  • The dragon has Yorgh's Spear pierced through its body.
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