Simpleton's Spice
Simpleton's Spice

In-Game Description

A spice exuding a peculiar aroma.

A spell demands devotion from its caster,
but using this spice makes a chosen spell
attainable with 1 less intelligence. Will only
work with assistance from a certain person.

The spice does not raise one's intelligence,
but only obfuscates the requirement.


Lowers the required Intelligence level to cast a specific Sorcery or Hex by one. This is done through Magerold of Lanafir in Iron Keep through his Incense menu option.
Spells cannot be spiced to require lower than 10 Intelligence.



Farming Guide

Belfry Sol

  • Play offline to avoid being invaded by members of the Bell Keepers covenant.
  • Use Bonfire Ascetics on the Belfry Sol bonfire to respawn the spices.
  • One is located to the left of the door at the beginning of the area.
  • One is located behind the tower with the ladder going up to the rooftop.
  • One is located at the bottom of the rooftop, on the far right side (from the ladder going up to the rooftop).

Other items of note:

Keep in mind that this method will make the enemies stronger each time you use a bonfire ascetic. This is not recomended if you're trying to farm the Mad Warrior, either for his loot or for progressing in the Bell Keepers covenant offline.

Harvest Valley

  • Use Bonfire Ascetics on the Mines bonfire to respawn the spices.
  • One is located in one of the rooms in the area with all the Artificial Undead.
  • One is located in the underground poison gas-filled corridor just after the bonfire.
  • The Covetous Demon must be killed every time.

Other items of note:

  • In the area with the first spice, there is also a Skeptic's Spice, and a Twinkling Titanite.
  • Just before the Covetous Demon is a hole in the ground with a poison bug and another Skeptic's Spice.
  • Various consumable souls are scattered around the area.

Undead Crypt

  1. st route: From the Undead Ditch bonfire go to the next room and then go up the ladder located near the entrance. Kill the witch, drop down (to your left) and run to the bonfire to repeat this process. On the first run try to destroy all the grave stones that will get in your way.
  2. nd route: From the Undead Ditch, backtrack towards the entrance of the crypt avoiding the syan knights. Soon you'll find three Leydia Witches not looking at you. Kill them the fastest way you can, and return to the bonfire either on foot or by homeward bone. This way should be more effective because you kill more witches in less time, but is also harder, because it requires you to avoid the spells that are cast on you, and the undead that will get in your way.
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