Shulva, Sanctum City

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
None None Poisonbite Ring +1
Dark Quartz Ring +3
Thunder Quartz Ring +3
5x Cracked Red Eye Orb
5x Lifegem
Sanctum Mace
Long Bow +7
Notched Whip +7
Focus Souls
1x Poison Stone
Promised Walk of Peace
Dark Greatsword
Sanctum Soldiers
Poison Statue Clusters
Corrosive Egg Insect
Pagan Tree
Invader Rockshield Baldyr
Sanctum Mace
Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet


The King erected a magnificent city, and the dragon slept soundly.
Until Sir Yorgh disturbed it with a single great strike, and the dragon could bear its store of poison no longer.
The rain of death toppled the city, but restored the dragon's purity.



  • Sanctum Walk
    Near the beginning of the level.
  • Tower of Prayer
    Rise the platforms in the open area full of enemies and use them to access the tower.


Map (japanese)

Shulva, Sanctum City Video Walkthrough
Item Guide I II III


Sanctum Walk

The Tower of Prayer

Priestess' Chamber

  • The Dark Greatsword hex is inside a metal chest under the Priestess' Chamber bonfire. Ride the elevator and drop down to a ledge to reach it.
    • You can also pick up 5x Torch here.


  • Bug: If you repeatedly use the elevator near the Priestess' Chamber bonfire, its pressure plate may start activating on its own.
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