Shrine of Amana

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Demon of Song Milfanito
Felicia the Brave
Fire Tempest
Sunlight Blade
Homing Crystal Soulmass
Life Ring +2
Singer's Dress
King's Set
Helix Halberd
Red Iron Twinblade
Key to the Embedded
2x Fire Seed
Skeptic's Spice
Estus Flask Shard
Soul of the King
Lindelt Cleric
Amana Shrine Maiden
Acid Horn Beetle
Giant Acid Horn Beetle
Undead Supplicant
Prowling Magus
Invader Peculiar Kindalur
Butcher Phantom - NG+
Scholar of the First Sin:
Royal Guard
Archdrake Set
Archdrake Mace
Slumbering Dragon Shield
Staff of Amana
Warlock Mask
Cursed Bone Shield


A large, open, flooded area located beneath a tangled roof of enormous roots.

Movement is slowed when in water, which is a huge disadvantage as there are numerous Lizardmen hiding in the water and Amana Shrine Maidens that will constantly fire Homing Soul Arrows at the player.

It's highly recommended to either practice dodging their spells or bring a long-ranged attack. Preferably both.



  • Tower of Prayer
    On top of the tower before descending down to the water.
  • Crumbled Ruins
    After passing through the first fog gate, run towards the ruins straight in front of you.
  • Rhoy's Resting Place
    After passing through the second fog gate, on the left side. It is possible to kite the enemies and light the bonfire without killing them.
  • Rise of the Dead
    After defeating the Demon of Song, take the passage on the right before entering the elevator to Undead Crypt. In Scholar of the First Sin, this bonfire is blocked by a petrified Hollow.


  • Milfanito
    • There is one Milfanito in the first hut, singing; exhaust her dialogue and move forward.
    • The second Milfanito is injured, blonde, and located right before the boss fog gate. She will disappear after speaking with her.
    • Use the Key to the Embedded in Drangleic Castle to free the third one.
    • The fourth Milfanito is located behind the locked Door of the Undead, at the Altar of Amana. You must be hollow to open the door, and have completed the Milfanito quest line, by talking to the first and final one in the Shrine of Amana.
  • Felicia the Brave's summon sign can be found in the second hut. She can be useful due to her aggressive nature and liberal use of Estus.


Map (Japanese)

Item Guide

Shrine of Amana Walkthrough Video w/ Boss


First Cavern

Second Cavern

  • From the Crumbled Ruins bonfire before the second cabin, behind the Ogre there is a narrow, submerged path through the water and out into the lake with two Shrine Maidens and a Lizardman. Use a torch to illuminate the path and follow it to the end to find an Estus Flask Shard and Sunlight Blade in an iron chest found underwater.
  • If you hug the left side of the area as you progress you will eventually find a Pharros contraption underwater near the left wall between two pillars, which opens a small room on that wall with a chest with a Helix Halberd.
  • Proceeding along the ruined, curved walls in the middle of the cavern, there is a corpse between two walls holding a Fire Seed.
  • Proceed until you can see the next fog door, then look to the left wall for branches that can be broken concealing an Ogre and a body with loot that consists of a Singer's Dress and a Life Ring +2. (Faster to double back from 3rd bonfire if you have passed this point)
  • Move to the third mage on the small island right behind the crumbled building with the torch. From this island look to the left. You will spot a small cave covered by roots and a broken column on the right side. Beneath the water there is a rock bridge that leads to the column. The door behind the roots can only be opened after defeating Vendrick (note that you need to be fully human to open it). Behind it you will find the Soul of the King on a throne, and the King's Set in a chest in an alcove to the left.
  • The ruined cabin contains a corpse with an Elizabeth Mushroom.
  • Far out into the lake past the ruined cabin, past some submerged Curse Jars, is a hidden chest containing a Fire Tempest.
  • Just before the fog gate on the left, there is a stone path leading upwards to an Alluring Skull at the end.
  • Just before the fog gate to the right, skirt the side of the cliff out into the water to find a Soul of a Hero and a Divine Blessing.

Third Cavern


  • Bring long-ranged attacks such as a bow, miracles, or sorceries to deal with the Amana Shrine Maidens. When using a bow, try to hit the casters with poison arrows and then hide as soon as they are poisoned.
  • A Torch is essential to help you see where the water gets deeper (alternatively walk with the camera facing down) and to reach items like the Sunlight Blade, but walking around with a lit torch will drastically increase the range at which Lizardmen will take notice of you, likely drawing so many that you will be overwhelmed. It is recommended to take out as many enemies as possible and then explore using the torch.
  • Bring Magic Resistance gear to deal with the large number of casters in the area. The more of them are firing at you at once, the more likely you are to take damage.
  • The Ogre is very vulnerable to poison. He also has a small 'territory' that he will not move past and can be taken out from long range.
  • After defeating the Demon of Song boss talk to the Milfanito in the first cabin or next to the shrine to get a Divine Blessing.
  • After releasing the imprisoned Milfanito in Drangleic Castle by using the Key to the Embedded, talk to the Milfanito in the first cabin to get a Divine Blessing.
  • Past the Rise of the Dead bonfire is a sealed door. To open the door you must not be human. Continuing beyond the door a road will lead you to the Altar of Amana and another Milfanito . Talking to her will get you a Divine Blessing and a Small Smooth & Silky Stone. Under the stairs in a small cave look to your left for a Fire Seed. If you kill the Milfanto just before the boss, this door will not open.
  • While the Milfanito sing their song enemies like the Lizardmen will be rendered docile and can be spotted by the fireflies congregating near their location.
  • There is a mage that only uses healing standing with two Clerics before the Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire. She will only heal wounded enemies near her and if no enemies are near her she will not attack players and will actively avoid them, most likely due to having no attack animations. The Archdrake Knights will walk much faster then the Priestess when attack the player, so they can be separated easily by kiting them back to the cabin.
  • If you have obtained Wretch status the Altar of Amana will not restore your humanity.
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